Manga Pulse 516: Yankee Girls

We founded a new company. We don’t have a charter, funding, or any kind of plan. But we will be offering a Kickstarter. That’s still a thing, right? We pride ourselves on being on the leading edge of trends. See also our brand new NFTs.(Please note this is a joke and don’t worry that we are making NFTs far too late in the party.)

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Manga Pulse 515: Black-Chan

Looks like the boys are back in town. By that, we mean the two hosts you’ve come to know an love so, so much. And by town we mean the manga that evident by the title and number attached. So won’t it be a surprise to everyone when we actually spend the whole time reviewing a pair of riding lawn mowers.

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Manga Pulse 514: Blade of Mother

Price check on manga. I need a price check on manga. Yes, I am aware this is a supermarket price check gag and that it was old even back in the eighties. Which means it’s beyond not relevant to make one now. Maybe we could do a random department page over the intercom. Grocery stores still do that. They also do those funny announcements about security like that deters shoplifters.

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Manga Pulse 513: MachFut

Oh my goodness, things are moving along again. That means a post is due. Have we done something about leaves being raked? Does that work for anything? No? Crap. We’ll cut right to the brass tacks then. This is a manga show and we’ve managed to read and produce a review for two. We hope you’ll listen, like, subscribe, and send two box tops plus proof of purchase along with a check for shipping to claim your prize.

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Manga Pulse 512: Red Secretary

If you’re reading this then you’re probably hearing about all the issues on website posts. Which is ironic because the only way this shows up is that the issues are resolved. One of those kind of funny paradoxes where you get to hear about it for the next couple of episodes now that it’s all done. It’s kind of like getting the results back from a cancer screening after you’ve already had surgery to remove a growth. If it helps, we’ve been keeping up with the recordings at least so we have manga.

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Manga Pulse 511: Fool Land

Suddenly there was a shout. The maid pointed towards the entryway. “Look out, he’s got a nug!” She bellowed. We discovered afterwards that she had long been diagnosed as having too much black bile and that lead to a curious condition. A transposing of letters in her speech and reading. This did not affect her day to day for what maid needed to be properly lettered as she polished the silver. Still we were taken aback by the presence of two manga.

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Manga Pulse 510: Dear Akira

Before you there are two drivers. One of them is signed by the publisher and easy to find. The other has to be downloaded from a Megadrive link you found on a Substack post. Choose, but choose wisely. One of them will corrupt your boot sector and force you to reinstall the OS. The other will fix your issue. At least until you forget you did that and reinstall anyway.

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Manga Pulse 509: Please Pedro

Have you tried tater tots? If you went to public school in the United States, it guaranteed you have. We want you to forget those sad, lumps of starch that masquerade as potato bits. Grab some from the store in the frozen section and break out the air fryer. That’s the only way to truly enjoy the delicacy. And if you cannot, well then. Clearly you don’t own an air fryer.

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Manga Pulse 508: Hot Rock

We’re really going to shake things up today. We have a manga. But wait, there’s more! Manga that is. Ok, you caught us. We’re not really breaking the mold here. We’re being reliable. The kind of reviewers you can count on to deliver quality content. Or at least content that is delivered. We’re kind of dissembling here because this week’s bit isn’t all fleshed out and we had to get something down for the episode description.

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Manga Pulse 507: Brave Knight

You know those cooking shows where they bring on the absolute worst people? Like, they find someone who was born without a sense of taste because they were raised on a steady diet of pizza rolls and hot cheetos. Then they give them a kitchen stocked full of ingredients and let them loose. Neither do we but we’d like to see it happen. Especially if they were forced to try and remake something akin to their favorite food. Luckily we have a couple of manga to make up for the lack of what could be on TV.

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