Manga Pulse 500

We have something of a big show today. Being as it is the large sized five-hundo we have many things to talk about. Plus Weltall put in a bunch of effort in hunting down clips and bits from our other episodes. Ok, he at least grabbed some stuff he could find off the top of his head. However, that counts as effort in our book. We’re basically the Howard Hughes of manga podcasts. The Hughes that designed good planes and raced steam cars not the one who was afraid of leaving his apartment.

Tim has The Eminence in Shadow. Our protag is a japanese high school student. He’s always dreamed of being the guy in the shadows who pulls the strings on the world stage. Imagine his luck when he dies and ends up in a fantasy world where that can happen in fact. He begins gathering a small coterie of hot elf girls who he’s convinced to help him fight against Diablo. What he hasn’t realized yet is the cult of Diablo exists and is completely thrown off by his efforts. It gets a Read It Now.

Weltall has Given. Ritsuka has a problem. He was handed a scarf by his crush who died before he could open it. That means there’s nothing else for him to do by start a band. Part of that might be a lie but what else do you say about a visual media doing a story that’s focused on music, famously not a visual media. Yes it is about the people who make up the band and their relationships between each other. It does manage to creep up to Borders.

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