Manga Pulse 489: Skeleton Panties

Bubble trouble? Prepare for muggle and make is subtle. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but we’ve already used the Team Rocket speech in an intro as well as quoting the witches from Macbeth. Also coupons and buy one get one free. It’s been hell of a week and we just sort of phone it in once in awhile. Plus, how many of you read this anyway? Cue angry emails about everyone who actually sees these descriptions.

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Episode 795: Reincarnated as the Garden

This week on Anime Pulse we got a late start, nighttime anime, and catgirls. Up first Joseph was not happy with the weight scale recently, and Andrew seeks out the anime that take place during the night. Then in the industry news we got more isekai heading our way, and an anime about an office lady gets a trailer drop. Lastly in the reviews Joseph becomes a steel saber wielded by a kitty cat, and Andrew trims some hedges with a bloodsucker.

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VG Pulse 387: The cats ate our homework!

This week on VG Pulse, we talk about our biggest derp to date! We start off with discussion about the derp in question, before diving into the regular news where we discuss Microsoft trying desperately to show that they can play nice with others, Powerwash Simulator being a legend of a game as usual, a third party fix for Joycon Drift, Discord being stupid, and the Mario Movie looking great!! After the news we realize that the cats ate our homework, and finish off with talk of food and anime!! All this and more up next on VGP 387!! -Aki

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Popcorn Pulse 193: Mash Potatoes

You know what makes a movie work? Like really, really work? Is it well directed acting? A strong sense of shot composition or perhaps lighting? No, you film school snob. What makes a movie good is having a long dead pan voice over which lays out the setup and premise. Lucky for use there’s a great movie in Red Planet[2000].

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Episode 794: I’ve Somehow Gotten Shadows When I Improved My House

This week on Anime Pulse we got the worst anime of 2022, the first arrest among the Sushi Terrorists, and the best one-liners in anime. Up first Joseph is finally wrapping up his playthrough of Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, and Andrew is preparing to visit some family next weekend. Then in the industry news some idiots are ruining it for the rest of us at the Ghibli park, a change of hands for Sentai Filmworks, and a famous voice actress tells otakus to take a shower. And finally in the reviews Joseph sets fire to a farming isekai he grew bored with, and Andrew is hugging his shadow while yelling KEIITO-SAMA!

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Manga Pulse 488: No Express

Everyone likes to save a buck here and there. Some people do that by reusing things like sandwich bags. Others will take trips to the outlet mall and stock up on irregulars. To that end, you should stock up on our irregular reviews. By that we mean imperfect and not off of a proper schedule. Though we do sometimes have scheduling changes. Because we are imperfect but we try harder.

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Episode 793: Airlord

This week on Anime Pulse we got Big Brother sushi, a surprising pick of a favorite character, and the series we are befuddled that have not received an anime adaptation. Up first Joseph hurts all over because he spent a couple hours shoveling snow, and Andrew is feeling a bit lethargic. Then in the industry news we morn the passing of a true great in the vtubing community due to twitter idiocracy, we will forever have a kettle shaped hole in our hearts. And finally in the reviews Joseph is kicking it to the beat of the OP and ED playing for a super skeleton, and Andrew is trying to make us cry by breathing some air.

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Popcorn Pulse 192: Fierce Dead

Alright ladies. Get your makeup on, your teeth polished, and your tits waxed. Except you, Miss Sicily. You’re just doing what you can with what god gave you. While we’re waiting for them to get their act together, we’ve got a movie in the vein of the beauty industry. We’ve got the mockumentary, Drop Dead Gorgeous(1999).

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Episode 792: Black Ball Summoner

This week on Anime Pulse we got an end to endless cookies, preventative maintenance, and a very mid summoner. Up first Joseph asks people to stop being mean to Vtubers, and Andrew is asking us what our least and most favorite instances of Deus Ex in anime are. Then in the industry news we cover topics like the passing of another great anime and manga author, some anime award announcements, and bird flu killing an offer on delicious cookies. And lastly in the reviews Joseph is pretty unenthused about being isekai’d into an anime adaptation, and Andrew goes full Super Saiyan God mode on an overgrown cat’s ass.

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VG Pulse 386: Forum Inception

This week on VGP, we have the biggest derp that we’ve EVER had in the history of this show LOL. We start out with side notes of snow and work, before diving into the regular news where we discuss Logan Paul back at it again, Nintendo getting away with joycon drift, a lot of cheaters getting their just desserts, and a lot of legal cases getting settlements!! After the news we go over the discord discussions… for the uh… second time in a row… lolol…. before heading off into Millennium and I’s joint review of the absolutely phenomenal Superliminal. We finish off with talk of anime, anime award shows, and food!! All this and more up next on VGP 386!! -Aki

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