Episode 790: Winter 2023 Previews #5

This week on Anime Pulse we got a really expensive Pokemon card, disappointing potlucks, and more dropped anime. Up first Joseph is debating participating in the next company potluck at his offline job, and Andrew pulls through on putting a community question out before the day of the podcast managing to get some real responses. Then in the industry news we got some interesting news about Valentie’s Day in Japan, a shocking reply from the Aussies, and tickets to a few episodes of Demon Slayer in HD. And lastly the final previews dedicated show of the season as Joseph protests a new Anos while running a laundry business, and Andrew gets stuck in a sea of snow while watching a villainess from above.

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Manga Pulse 486: Star Bitches

Psst, hey kids? It’s Papa Disney here. You like Star Wars? Good, you like expanded universe stuff? Of course you do. No, we’re not bringing back the Zhan novels and integrating them into canon. You think we like money? We’ve got all sorts of soft reboot tie ins that piss right in your eye. So, whadaya say? Wanna drop your life savings on remembering the good times?

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Episode 789: Winter 2023 Previews #4

This week on Anime Pulse we got Joseph’s first drop of the season, idiots terrorizing sushi restaurants, and what counts as an animal in anime. First up IRL news has Joseph not really saying too much, and Andrew posting the shot topic on the day of the show so it felt a little rushed with the answers. Then in the industry news a man tries to get his charges lowered by claiming he only groped one boob, Netflix’s AI is in hot water for being too like the Matrix, and how would you like it if you had to wear a skirt in winter? Lastly are the previews as Joseph becomes a gender-bending ninja who fights against RomComs, and Andrew, besides posting the show topic so late, is transformed into a girl by his little sister before he can mater the blade.

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Popcorn Pulse 190: Dead Beer

Hey, I can hear the music that you’re listening to down there. Knock three times on the ceiling if you want a review. Was that a thump or a shout? Either way, we’re interpreting that as a sign to go forward with a couple of movie reviews. We kick off with a movie from the same people that can’t stop making the same phone over and over, The Greatest Beer Run Ever[2022].

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VG Pulse 385: Buckets of Doom

This week on VG Pulse, Millennium is 100% less allergy than he was last time! We start off with side notes about weird sickness and allergy adventures, before diving into the regular news where we discuss the rotting corpse that is Beyond Good and Evil 2, the EU taking action against loot boxes, mass layoffs at Microsoft’s various studios, and the tragic destruction of a vintage video game. After the news Millennium gives his review of Viscera Cleanup Detail, and we finish off with talk of anime and food!! All this and more up next on VGP 385!! -Aki

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Episode 788: Winter 2023 Previews #3

This week on Anime Pulse we got being fired after 30 years of solid service, sinus issues, and illegal body pillows. Up first Joseph is in pain and suffering after a bout with some kind of sinus related issue, and Andrew is shocked his throwaway community question about characters with eyepatches garnered so many replies. Then in the industry news the director of the Cowboy Bebop anime hated the Netflix version, some anime idols assist in the reconstruction of a real castle, and First of the Northstar gets a documentary. Lastly in the previews Joseph gets fired from his job because a girl won’t let him be invisible, and Andrew mail orders a muscular robotic maid to train him to be the best judo master ever.

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Episode 787: Winter 2023 Previews #2

This week on Anime Pulse we got food that look better than it should, a normal sounds Joseph, and working out with pirates. Up first Joseph is moderately excited for an upcoming Pot Luck at his office, and Andrew is throwing hands with Crunchyroll. Then in the industry news we learn about the Japanese Domino’s where you dip your pizza in shake, the final end of Attack on Titan being split down the middle, and Chainsaw Man Cake. And lastly in the second round of previews Joseph escapes his old life of being an under appreciated handyman as he is transported to a world where he must feed a big as wolf, and Andrew gambles away 80,000 gold with his buddy that he was trying to retire with.

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Manga Pulse 485: Slayer Hime

How many demons can disco on the head of an angry flea? We’re going to isolate a flea and trap it in a summoning circle and find out. Oh shit. It turns out Himalayan sea salt only makes the demons angry. Now they’re busy revising HOA rules and running for PTA boards. Well, at least we’ve got manga to talk about.

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Popcorn Pulse 189: Strange Menu

Hey kids, do you like Cyperpunk? You like leather coats and techno-futuristic dystopias? How about nifty gadgets rendered in kludgy props that are clearly repurposed electronics? We’ve got a movie for you then. No, it’s not Blade Runner. Either or. Instead we have Strange Days(1995).

It’s set in the far off future of 1999 at the turn of the millennium. Imagine, living long enough to see a whole new millennium. Our protagonists is Ralph Fiennes. Lord Red Dragonmort deals in memories. Somehow he gets mixed up in a conspiracy where a local activist has been killed and the guilty cops were witnessed by someone recording their memories. Also, he’s very sad about his ex who used to fuck him but now screws Tome Sizemore’s wig.

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Episode 786: Winter 2023 Previews #1

This week on scuffed Anime Pulse we got the beginning of Winter 2023 previews, legalizing the theft of anime, and the coldest anime ever. Up first IRL news is over and done before you know it as Joseph has only a minor walk to talk about, and then Andrew transitions into the community segment to let in a cold drafty anime featuring a chilling protagonist. Then in the industry news Joseph one again takes a backseat, as Andrew talks about a country saying it’s ok to steal anime and the Aussies try to stop you from summoning a Demon Lord. Finally in the previews Joseph starts up a farm after being killed as the strongest exorcist in another world, and Andrew babysits the young daughter of a mafia boss while uncovering the mystery of a serious of assassinations.

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