Manga Pulse 501: Pony Cock

Would you look inside this barrel? There’s barely anything in there. It’s like we’re scraping out the bottom. Yeah, it seems we’re getting wood leavings when we run our scraper over it. I suppose we’ll have to order another hogs head of manga straight from the land of the rising sun. Until then, we’ll wash off these two and do a review. We have some manga adaptations of eighties properties.

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Popcorn Pulse 205: Arthur’s Phallus

Ok, look. You see that sword over there? Yeah, the one stuck in that rock? Go over there and give it a little tug and come right back for your free meat pie. Now, you’ll see some guys put on a whole show. They’ll flail and flop around, maybe grunt or yell while they’re doing it. They crowd laughs but I’m not throwing in anything else just because you get them riled up. Got it, little Arthur?

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Manga Pulse 500

We have something of a big show today. Being as it is the large sized five-hundo we have many things to talk about. Plus Weltall put in a bunch of effort in hunting down clips and bits from our other episodes. Ok, he at least grabbed some stuff he could find off the top of his head. However, that counts as effort in our book. We’re basically the Howard Hughes of manga podcasts. The Hughes that designed good planes and raced steam cars not the one who was afraid of leaving his apartment.

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Popcorn Pulse 204: Santa’s Covenant

It’s early September and we’re talking about movies. So that means we had to pick something fitting. Naturally this means we grabbed a Christmas movie from last year with Violent Night[2022]. Which stars the sheriff from Stranger Things. Sure he has a name but that’s how he’s stuck in our heads since he first appeared.

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Manga Pulse 499: Alcoholic Lesbians

Looks like we’re lining up for a long drive. We’ve settled on a driving club. A number five; five or maybe six. A very nice medium range club with an excellent driving force that’s a little dated. Certainly not the choice of some of the top players but very popular among the amateurs hitting the links. Tim hasn’t gotten his on the green so all Weltall has to do is avoid the sand trap and he’ll be within the his strength, the short game.

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Popcorn Pulse 203: Replicant March

Movie reviews, please come to the white courtesy phone. Movie reviews, please pickup. If you’re not going to use the white courtesy phone, please head over to the beige discourtesy phone and let the operator know. For all cancellations, please head to the green motherly guilt phone. You know, if you’re not too important and can remember to call.

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Manga Pulse 498: Inside a Sandwich

We are like cardboard. Not because we are now made with up to thirty percent less material than previously. Because we are two flat sheets sandwiching corrugated paper. Also, we don’t stand up well in the rain. But that’s more because we’re from drier climes where water falling from the sky is of the devil unless it’s frozen. That’s a completely useless way of telling you that we have two manga again.

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Popcorn Pulse 202: Size of Life

We heard everyone has gotten excited by the prospect of a toy based movie. We’re not sure why that’s working this time when Ouija happened and no one cared. That was clearly the best possible children’s toy to adapt. Anything less will fall short. Either way, we’re just thrilled that people are once again talking about Life-Size[2000].

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Manga Pulse 497: Mega Hero

What is a man? No, mister Dracul, not a miserable pile of secrets. No, Diogenes, put the plucked chicken away. Mister Hilfiger, you answer of “person who wears jeans in my ads” is acceptable but please elaborate on that. Everyone else, have your essay ready by Tuesday and enjoy the holiday weekend. Don’t forget to listen to our wonderful manga reviews.

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Popcorn Pulse 201: The Sun

Open the curtains, you basement dwelling cretins. You to, you normal people who get plenty of exposure to natural light. Not you, people who make AI morphs of random Twitch streamer girls to suit your fetish. You can stay there and maybe check the batteries in your carbon monoxide alarm. Because there’s a chance you’re suffering from poisoning. For everyone else, take in plenty of Sunshine[2007].

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