Manga Pulse 515: Black-Chan

Looks like the boys are back in town. By that, we mean the two hosts you’ve come to know an love so, so much. And by town we mean the manga that evident by the title and number attached. So won’t it be a surprise to everyone when we actually spend the whole time reviewing a pair of riding lawn mowers.

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Popcorn Pulse 221: Death Sex

Imagine it’s the year two thousand. The President rules America as he travels Europe. After twenty plus years, he’s still vital and oversees our national pastime, Death Race 2000(1975). Fan favorite racer , Frankenstein returns to compete once more along with a few newcomers. Who will collect the most points and kill as they race from New York to L.A.? Those of us in the future know the answer but we’d like you to try this with fresh eyes.

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Manga Pulse 514: Blade of Mother

Price check on manga. I need a price check on manga. Yes, I am aware this is a supermarket price check gag and that it was old even back in the eighties. Which means it’s beyond not relevant to make one now. Maybe we could do a random department page over the intercom. Grocery stores still do that. They also do those funny announcements about security like that deters shoplifters.

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Popcorn Pulse 220: No Hawk

It’s Monday, folks. At least when we’re recording. It also is often when we post because that’s our schedule. But even if it’s one of the other six days of the week, treat it like it’s Monday. By that we mean groan, clock in not more than a second before you’re obligated, and glare at the first people you interact with. Then brace yourself for discussion of movies.

We start us off with Hudson Hawk(1991). Depending on how long you’ve been familiar with the man, you might better recognize him as Mister Action star with the patented glower of someone who has less than a minute to get to the toilet. This is Bruce, just as known for Diehard as he was Moonlighting, Willis. The man who loves music and plays his own harmonica at Blues sessions. There’s a plot but we’ll get into that in a recording.

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Manga Pulse 513: MachFut

Oh my goodness, things are moving along again. That means a post is due. Have we done something about leaves being raked? Does that work for anything? No? Crap. We’ll cut right to the brass tacks then. This is a manga show and we’ve managed to read and produce a review for two. We hope you’ll listen, like, subscribe, and send two box tops plus proof of purchase along with a check for shipping to claim your prize.

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Popcorn Pulse 219: Freeway Wars

Two households, both alike in dignity. In fat America, where we lay our scene. And that’s about all we can figure to work in a Shakespeare reference in the few minutes we knock these out. Besides we wanted to get a little classy before we tackle an A24 movie. Yup, we watched Civil War[2024].

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Manga Pulse 512: Red Secretary

If you’re reading this then you’re probably hearing about all the issues on website posts. Which is ironic because the only way this shows up is that the issues are resolved. One of those kind of funny paradoxes where you get to hear about it for the next couple of episodes now that it’s all done. It’s kind of like getting the results back from a cancer screening after you’ve already had surgery to remove a growth. If it helps, we’ve been keeping up with the recordings at least so we have manga.

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Popcorn Pulse 218: Cruel Road

Everyone has heard the word in Hollywood. That word is exploitation and shady sexual favors. Wait, that’s not a word. The word is remake. That thing we’ve been complaining about long enough to wear out a couple of presidents. Hollywood is nothing if not persistent in their endeavor. Once they’ve bit down they will do a death roll until everybody has drowned.

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Manga Pulse 511: Fool Land

Suddenly there was a shout. The maid pointed towards the entryway. “Look out, he’s got a nug!” She bellowed. We discovered afterwards that she had long been diagnosed as having too much black bile and that lead to a curious condition. A transposing of letters in her speech and reading. This did not affect her day to day for what maid needed to be properly lettered as she polished the silver. Still we were taken aback by the presence of two manga.

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