Popcorn Pulse 155: Not So Bond

What was it with the nineties and heist movies? Was there a memo somewhere in Hollywood that was said “money is boring, they must steal art!” There might have been if just so the plebs don’t get the idea to rob the movie execs of their money. No doubt kept under a dirty mattress next to a moldering hooker.

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Manga Pulse 450: Ancient Modern

Welcome to the AP border town. Please have your papers in order. You there, step quickly. Hmm. It seems you have “Ruby” listed as a favorite anime. Problem? Oh, there’s no problem. It just means those burly guards to your side will be escorting you to a re-education center. There you will get a double dose of manga that should put you back into alignment. Should we fail to remove that OEL from your fav, we have more brainwas-er, courses for you to take.

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Script 2 Script 30: The Devil Wears Prada

Our thirtieth episode has a bit of a mid-life crisis and looks back to it’s teen years. So it reached back and grabbed the novel and the film, The Devil Wears Prada.

The overarching premise is pretty straightforward. A regular girl manages to land a job at a prestigious fashion magazine as a personal assistant to the owner. What happens to her when the owner, editor is a workaholic full on bitch? Shockingly, not quitting on the very first day. We settle on the movie as just above the book as Meryl Streep does a great job bringing sympathy to the boss.

Script 2 Script 29: Red Dragon

It’s that time to get around to listener requests again. Picked out for us by Algazero is the much anticipated Red Dragon. It’s the first appearance of one of the most enduring pop culture figures, Hannibal Lecter. Having been adapted twice, first in Manhunter(1986) and again in Red Dragon(2002).

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Popcorn Pulse 153: Older Boy

We awoke a sleeping dragon when discussion of Oldboy popped up last time. This means that we have decided to revisit the whole shebang once more. Pop in another quarter and queue up your least favorite song at least seven times, broken up only once by another. Then follow it up with the theme song to Bananas in Pajamas thirty five times.

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Manga Pulse 448: Berserker Paradise

Here in the future of the past, we’ve finally hit the point where lumber is almost worth it’s weight in silver. Pretty soon there will be a federal reserve of pine and plywood. Which then means we’ll get a Die Hard 10: Raiding Again where the nephew of the Gruber’s will rob it. And Willis will be partnered with some forgettable actor who’s popular on social media for a week. Until it’s discovered that they’re a vore loving baby fur.

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Script 2 Script 28: Snowpiercer

In the future we will all have to eat bugs. At least according to a bunch of terrible think pieces scattering the internet. And there is no way those are boosted by the elites who are tired of having to pay more for meat because the peasants want some too. Just like all the articles that get written telling people they need to stop wanting a house and space for comfort. In that spirit we talk about Snowpiercer[2013].

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