Popcorn Pulse 163: Trouble bout Nothin

Like a loudmouth wandering into a monks cloister we’ve got Nothing but Trouble(1991). Imagine you’re a Hollywood producer in the last of the eighties. Dan Akroyd had been part of an immensely successful pair of movies in Ghostbusters and he pitches you a movie. Based on a traffic stop he once had. You snort enough coke to buy Pablo Escobar two more hippos and a green light that with your powder packin’ pecker then proceed to call up your favorite hooker.

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Manga Pulse 458: Levitating Alice

Murgh. Meh? What time is it? Shit, it wasn’t fall forward? I sword it was spring back and fall the other direction. Give us like five minutes then to grab a manga or something and power read through it. I’m sure we won’t screw up the details because we’re scrambling to get this done.

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Popcorn Pulse 162: Shopping Cop

Uncover your smokers and slap your meat, we’ve got more Frank Grillo. See because his last name is Grillo and it’s kinda like grill. So what if this time he was a sort of political fixer in Vegas and he was trying to turn himself over to the feds for protection? That’s where we start in Copshop[2021].

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Manga Pulse 457: Giga Dan

You might look behind me and see what appears to be a mound. I assure you it;s actually much more architecturally impressive that it seems. You see, excavations have revealed this is the site where the unsold copies of Princess AI were piled. Note the faint remains of bloodstains on these pages. This indicates the sacrifices the locals made to banish Stu and his creation back to the reaches of what we might think of as hell.

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Manga Pulse 456: Finger the World

I bet you can feel a little something in the air. No, no the slight chill that’s not driven away by the light of day. Nor the soft sigh of wind as it carries leaves right into your yard not moments after you raked the last damn pile. It’s the time of the week where we review manga instead of movies. It does happen though.

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Popcorn Pulse 160: Express Malibu

Another year, another harvest of actor deaths. We definitely don’t take advantage of this to choose movies or anything. It’s certainly a tribute to their craft. Yes, that’s what we’re going to go with. Who to pick this week? Fuck. We didn’t think that far ahead. Art Metrano it is.

We jointly talk about Malibu Express(1985). One of the first movies by Andy Sidaris. A man famous for putting in gratuitous nudity, guns, and explosions. The main character is Cody. He’s a private investigator who’s on his first case investigating or maybe guarding a family. There’s someone stealing chips from the US and selling them to the Soviets. Not that it really matters as this is all an excuse to feature topless Playmates.

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Manga Pulse 455: Dearest Remina

Hark! Who goes there? Long live the king…of Manga. There’s something rotten in the state of manga. It seems we have two volumes and nay a reviewer in sight. Unless thereupon the horizon, there are two figures approaching. They seem to be bearing two volumes which may sate our desire for reviews.

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Popcorn Pulse 159: A Nut Job

You’d better not pout. You’d better not shout. You’d better not ask exactly how and why an actor gaining a whole bunch of weight makes sense in this day and age. Even losing a whole bunch of weight is reserved for nut bags who snort ground up Oscars. So what the hell was Russel Crowe thinking in Unhinged[2019]?

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Manga Pulse 454: Game of Malice

Thank you for waiting, we’ve had a lot of calls this morning. We’re a little short staffed as it is. Cost cutting procedures, you know how it goes. So, describe your symptoms to me again. Hmm. Yes, I see.

It seems we’ve got another case of Abovus Cannus. For cases of, what you might call Updog, we recommend a double dose of manga reviews.

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