Manga Pulse 454: Game of Malice

Thank you for waiting, we’ve had a lot of calls this morning. We’re a little short staffed as it is. Cost cutting procedures, you know how it goes. So, describe your symptoms to me again. Hmm. Yes, I see.

It seems we’ve got another case of Abovus Cannus. For cases of, what you might call Updog, we recommend a double dose of manga reviews.

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Episode 718: Full Fractale

This week on Anime Pulse we got the return of Joseph from his 2 week vacation, news that One Piece is coming to a close… soonish, and diving head first into a shitty video game. Up first is IRL news with Joseph giving us the rundown on his trip to Florida, and Andrew gives us the rundown of his trip to become the phantom of the opera. Then in the industry news we got topics like bear paws serving drinks out of a literal hole in the wall, and the amazing ability to turn a poster on its side and sleep next to. And lastly the reviews have return with Joseph getting pissed off at an idiot who buys a terrible video game, and Andrew goes on a trippy journey to learn the secret of a world run by a never ending pattern.

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Popcorn Pulse 158: House of Road

Like a B movie star with a latex allergy, Hollywood has spawned a whole bunch of illegitimate sequels to things that we once enjoyed. Yet we’ve so far been spared at least one wild move that epitomizes the decade it’s from. No, not Back to the Future. Ok, so the second eighties movies they haven’t yet stuck their silver nitrate poisoned cock into. We’re talking Road House(1989).

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Episode 717: Skull-face Bookseller Dynazenon

We got a really special episode of Anime Pulse for you this week. While Joseph is taking a well deserved break, veteran host RyoWei247 returns as a guest! We hear what she’s been up to recently before delving into the community and forum topic about favorite Male Tsunderes. The news segment is actually pretty shounen centric with light hearted, heavy and concerning stories. Of course to top it off there’s the reviews, with Ryo’s covering an anime about a skull faced bookseller and Andrew covers the anticipated sequel to SSSS.Gridman. (while drinking far too much…) Of course there’s some tangents and general banter as well given that this episode clocks in at around 2hrs and 25mins. Oops…

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Manga Pulse 453: My Assass

Is there a bard in the house? No, we’re not asking for you ridiculous bards who roll to seduce everything you can talk to. We’re looking for the kind of bards that compose epic poems. The ones that get remembered by the weird historian looking to make a name for themselves because there’s really only so many ways to analyze the Battle of Agincourt. Yes, that one. You come over and sit down right here. We’ve got two mangas you need to chronicle them for us, dear sir.

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VG Pulse 366: Rainbow Unicorn Vomit

This week on VG Pulse, we’re roasting alive!! We start off with side notes of Aki’s new obsession with Digimon cards and talk of our upcoming trip to a local fair! After the side notes we dive into the news where we discuss Ubisoft, Riot, and Activision all dealing with more investigations over harassment claims, EA being… suspiciously kindhearted over accessibility technology, Stardew Valley becoming an e-sport, and the resounding success of the Avatar: The Legend Of Korra tabletop game kickstarter! After the news we go over the Discord Discussions, Aki gives her first and only look at Paper Mario and the Origami King, and we finish off with talk of food and anime!! All this and more up next on VGP 366!!! -Aki

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Episode 716: Gunbuster Will Be Dispatched

This week on Anime Pulse we got one less reason to visit Japan, invaders attempting to take over an Isekai, and super hype for future FGO events. Up first is the IRL news with Joseph gushing about the Japanese released FGO events for Camelot and more recent ones, and Andrew is sending the FBI home with his inquiry into favorite Onee-sans in anime. Then in the industry news Sony seals the deal on their purchase of Funimation, and otakus infiltrate top Olympic sports just so they can do cool poses. And lastly we return to reviews as Joseph is sent to another world by his evil sexy bosses along with a loli android, and Andrew gets retro with a look back at what inspired him to become a cute humanoid-robot pilot to fight space monsters.

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Popcorn Pulse 157: Pork Chop Express

It’s throwback Thursday. And by that we mean Monday. At least we recorded this on Monday. If you wanted to hold off until Thursday to make it accurate you’re fully empowered to do so. You are master of the destiny you pursue. Either way when you get to it, we’ve talked about Big Trouble In Little China(1986).

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Manga Pulse 452: Yankee Sex

Gather round all ye. With the mailbag in our hands we have requests. Let’s see. Hate, hate, hate. And that’s just how we feel about the catalogs. Ah, we have at least a single request that’s been sitting on the back burner. Which is good as that takes care of fifty percent of our trouble in choosing. We’ll spin the wheel of degeneracy for Wetlall’s and call it a day.

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Episode 715: Summer 2021 Previews #5

This week on Anime Pulse we got the return of a long thought dead Crunchyroll original, COVID shots, and five episodes of exposition. Up first Joseph is a bit lonely and stressed out so his body decided to break a little, and Andrew asked us before what the best anime adaptations of games were now he wants to know what the worst ones are. Then in the industry news we got topics like when a cosplayer shows more skin than the character in the series does, and another Goo Rankings poll for most entertaining Shonen series. Then in our FINAL previews episode for the summer season, yes, were sure this time, the great Joseph is forced to work at a bar after being defeated by a slime, and Andrew survives Would War 3 only to enter a battle royal with gods.

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