VG Pulse 394: Deer Hunter

This week on VG Pulse, we have a surprise dragon once more! We start off with side notes of Kassy’s health and Millennium’s joyous journey into the land of finding cars in 2023! After the side notes we dive into the regular news where we discuss Gamestop losing its CFO, Nintendo’s new console reportedly being due out late next year, MrBeast suing Virtual Dining Concepts over his food brand being damaged with mass reports of undercooked and inedible food, and Rockstar hiring on a modding team that it had previously banned! After the news we go over the discord discussions, and close out with talk of food and anime! All this and more up next on VGP 394!! -Aki

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Episode 815: The Duke of Helck 3.0 and His Redo

This week on Anime Pulse we got Florida hype, being teased by your super sexy maid, and the coolest sunglasses in anime. Up first in the IRL news Joseph took a nice long walk, and Andrew has had a bit of an emergency. Then in the industry news we only got one topic, as Joseph was feeling hungry and went with some food news about Burger King. And finally in a surprising Gattai episode, Joseph the hero attends an event to become the next demon lord all while his hot blond maid lifts her dress at him and Andrew (does not) get back into the giant robot.

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Popcorn Pulse 202: Size of Life

We heard everyone has gotten excited by the prospect of a toy based movie. We’re not sure why that’s working this time when Ouija happened and no one cared. That was clearly the best possible children’s toy to adapt. Anything less will fall short. Either way, we’re just thrilled that people are once again talking about Life-Size[2000].

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Episode 814: Summer 2023 Previews #5

This week on Anime Pulse we got the best drop rates in anime, Japanese students really don’t know English, and cleaning up the backlog. Up first Joseph has been knocking games off his to-do list and catching up on anime, while Andrew is looking for who we think we could “fix” from the anime world. Then in the industry news the summer season shows signs of delays, and an HD remaster of a show Joseph didn’t want but Andrew is hyped for. And lastly in the previews Joseph grinds out his healing skills so he can land those amazing rare drops, and Andrew retires after defeating the demon lord but ends up looking after a ghost loving cousin.

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Manga Pulse 497: Mega Hero

What is a man? No, mister Dracul, not a miserable pile of secrets. No, Diogenes, put the plucked chicken away. Mister Hilfiger, you answer of “person who wears jeans in my ads” is acceptable but please elaborate on that. Everyone else, have your essay ready by Tuesday and enjoy the holiday weekend. Don’t forget to listen to our wonderful manga reviews.

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Episode 813: Summer 2023 Previews #4

This week on Anime Pulse we got upgraded PCs, discount anime Hogwarts, and being banned from McDonalds. Up first Joseph talks about getting a rise and completing his PC upgrades, and then Andrew is looking for our dream anime crossovers. Then in the industry news an entire Middle School is banned from entering a nearby McDonalds, a Kabuki actor is charged with assisted suicide, and more strikes in Hollywood. And lastly the summer previews hit their 4th episode with Joseph retiring as the Hero to attend Hogwarts with a super hot Dumbledore, and Andrew gets reincarnated into an evil final boss who was just trying to life that happy marriage life.

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Episode 812: Summer 2023 Previews #3

This week on Anime Pulse we got the fastest shipping in the West, the most overly complicated answers to the weekly topic, and a man who is so horny he tries to become a monk. Up first Joseph’s IRL news is actually brief for once as he only mentions in passing of his failure to acquire his CPU but purchase of the new PC Case, and Andrew sets us up the bomb with a weekly topic that causes more harm than good. Then in the industry news it’s a solo Andrew run with a new type of Sexuaility being founded, and a top ten list of the best anime with lots of PLOT. And finally in the previews we got Joseph giving up on the love of his life to become a monk at a nunnery, meanwhile Andrew attempts to solve a vampire murder mystery while checking off his bucket list during a zombie outbreak.

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Popcorn Pulse 201: The Sun

Open the curtains, you basement dwelling cretins. You to, you normal people who get plenty of exposure to natural light. Not you, people who make AI morphs of random Twitch streamer girls to suit your fetish. You can stay there and maybe check the batteries in your carbon monoxide alarm. Because there’s a chance you’re suffering from poisoning. For everyone else, take in plenty of Sunshine[2007].

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Manga Pulse 496: Teased and Rejected

Twice now, you have come into our house and made requests. Neither of those times have you come bearing gifts. Not even something as small as a bag of chips. Do we not rate at least a pouch of Corn Nuts? Even the plain would be less of an affront. Though we would still prefer the Chili Picante. Oh, now we need to go take a look and see if they’ve brought back the pizza flavor. Anywho, I guess we have two reviews for you.

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Episode 811: Summer 2023 Previews #2

This week on Anime Pulse we got house-cats that take care of their humans, animators who had to keep living with their parents, and trying to sneak in a birthday gift. Up first Joseph rounds up his three games before talking about how he wants to surprises his old man, and Andrew is looking fashionable as heck with his latest weekly community topic. Then in the industry news we talks about some Japanese police who get into hot water with the TCG community, and more about the difficulties with being a fledgling animator in the animation industry these days. Lastly the second round of previews hit us with Joseph becoming a vending machine in another world that dreams of filling said world with pastries, and Andrew forgets his glasses at school but gets to go home to a human size cat.

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