Episode 730: Girlfriend House

This week on Anime Pulse we got promising harems, huge anime shops, and edgy super powers. Up first Joseph is very pleased with the new chapter of FGO, and Andrew does his seasonal round up on the stragglers of Fall 2021. Then in the industry news we’re full up with entry barred to Japan, Netflix reporting Jojo is #1, and COVID attending a NYC Anime Con. Lastly the reviews wrap things up with Joseph trying to manage his brand new harem, and Andrew enters a house full of loli shadows.

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Popcorn Pulse 163: Trouble bout Nothin

Like a loudmouth wandering into a monks cloister we’ve got Nothing but Trouble(1991). Imagine you’re a Hollywood producer in the last of the eighties. Dan Akroyd had been part of an immensely successful pair of movies in Ghostbusters and he pitches you a movie. Based on a traffic stop he once had. You snort enough coke to buy Pablo Escobar two more hippos and a green light that with your powder packin’ pecker then proceed to call up your favorite hooker.

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Episode 729: YU-NO in Another World

This week on Anime Pulse we got prescriptions delivered by wolfgirl, a real Bombshell of a news article, and recovering from Thanksgiving and benders. Up first Joseph received his Christmas gift from Andrew, and Andrew refused to learn a lesson about drinking too much. Then in the industry news you can tell Joseph is hungry because he’s talking about McDonalds, and Andrew is excited to announce the 1000th episode of One Piece. Finally we return to solid reviews as Joseph wonders why an isekai needed to be an isekai, and Andrew is traveling dimensions to find his father who really got around.

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Episode 728: Platinum Moonlit Ranking

This week on Anime Pulse we got ugly heroes, monster girls wiki is in trouble, and getting down with the sickness. Up first IRL news has Joseph returning to Moe’s Night, and Andrew questions our tastes in swimsuits. Then in the industry news we got golden chopsticks, a stage play for Spirited Away, and Joseph being the proud owner of a soon to be rare product. Lastly we have our second and final Gattai show as Joseph gets tossed aside for being too ugly to be the hero, and Andrew gets a guardian angel after entering a game to become king.

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VG Pulse 369: The Times Are Changing

This week on VGP, happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!! We start off with side notes of dentist appointments and general weariness from working retail in the fall season, before diving into the not-terribly-shocking news that Activision CEO Bobby Kotick is an absolute scumbag to the highest degree, before diving into Rockstar’s absolutely embarrassing showing of the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, as well as the surprising news that Six Days In Fallujah is still a thing! After the news I give a first look at Potion Craft, and Millennium gives a review of Forza Horizon 5! After the news we discuss food and anime!! All this up next on VGP 369!! -Aki

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Episode 727: Slime Guardian Taishou

This week on Anime Pulse we got Andrew torturing Joseph, Comiket barring entry to the unvaccinated and untested otakus, and The Mac. Up first Joseph reviews a cheesy chicken sandwich, and then Andrew has got quite the community segment about school uniforms. We also share some special news about a prize being put up for grabs, all you need to do is submit a sound clip to be used for the community segment of the show. Then another short bit of industry news, covering the updated rules to gaining entry to this years Comiket. And finally we have a Gattai show as Joseph stops caring about a slime isekai, and Andrew gets a loli wife after he joins a magical high school for spicy girls.

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Manga Pulse 458: Levitating Alice

Murgh. Meh? What time is it? Shit, it wasn’t fall forward? I sword it was spring back and fall the other direction. Give us like five minutes then to grab a manga or something and power read through it. I’m sure we won’t screw up the details because we’re scrambling to get this done.

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Episode 726: Fall 2021 Previews #4

This week on Anime Pulse we got payouts for children, Lupin the III vs Holmes, and hats. Up first Joseph has turned his bedroom into a steam room, and Andrew is all about head wear. Then in the industry news we’re seeing one topic about the worrying statistic about Japan’s dwindling youth, and that’s it, because news is kind of barebones this week. Lastly is our final previews dedicated show as Joseph continues his reincarnated job as a master thief, and Andrew is suddenly surrounded by beautiful office ladies with very large breasts.

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Popcorn Pulse 162: Shopping Cop

Uncover your smokers and slap your meat, we’ve got more Frank Grillo. See because his last name is Grillo and it’s kinda like grill. So what if this time he was a sort of political fixer in Vegas and he was trying to turn himself over to the feds for protection? That’s where we start in Copshop[2021].

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