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We’re proud to present you an interview with one of my personal heroes, Yutaka Izubuchi. His record speaks for himself, but just the fact that he is responsible for the creation and designs of my favorite series, RahXephon is enough to make me giddy. So I hope you enjoy this.

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And now, our quick short from Sakura-con day 2. Strange things are afoot. What might happen tomorrow?

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Here is our quick update from Sakura-con day 1. Enjoy.

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As promised, here is the audio from the State of the Industry panel at Sakura-Con 2008, hosted by Derek Stephen Prince (Voice Actor), Roland Kelts (Author of Japanamerica) and Lilian Diaz-Przbyl (Editor from Tokyopop). If you listen hard you might hear a certain podcaster ask a question as well.

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So Batou and I didn’t get into Sakura-con until 2pm because our plane was delayed out of Denver for two hours, and then the shuttle driver skipped our stop. Idiot. Anyways, we got there in time to catch some of Penny Arcade’s panel. Then we spent some time getting a feel for the center and […]

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