Sakura-con 2008: State of the Industry Panel

As promised, here is the audio from the State of the Industry panel at Sakura-Con 2008, hosted by Derek Stephen Prince (Voice Actor), Roland Kelts (Author of Japanamerica) and Lilian Diaz-Przbyl (Editor from Tokyopop). If you listen hard you might hear a certain podcaster ask a question as well.

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0 Replies to “Sakura-con 2008: State of the Industry Panel”

  1. Interesting panel but Lilian Diaz Pryzbyl was highly opinionated and frankly obnoxious. Also too bad about the loud music which blasted it’s way into the later stages of the panel.

    What also wasn’t addressed was the issue of bringing downloads to devices other than the PC (something which is obviously not a problem with a DRM free fansub), and making them available outside the US (again not an issue for fansubs).

  2. I didn’t get really far into this before putting it down into disgust. When they started blaming the downfall of industry and free downloading I had to stop.

    We already had this discussion in 2003 with the RIAA.

    ADV is not loosing money because people are downloading free fansubs. ADV is loosing money because it does not have a good business model.

    Its not 1998 any more, media has changed. The Industry must change/evolve or it will die. Thats how the business word works.

    I work for a background checking company, I sell free information to my clients. Dont tell me you can’t make money because its also free.

    I see now why this topic really grinds your gears, guys.

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