Episode 711: Summer 2021 Previews #1

This week on Anime Pulse we got Joseph being attacked by a flying drill bit, Vladimir Putin hates anime, and cat ears. Up first IRL news with Joseph wrestling some tires, and Andrew wants us to name our favorite animal ears in anime. Then in the industry news we learn of PayPal being old and crotchety again, and a writer for Batman says Eastern comics are in but Western are out. And lastly are our first round of previews! Joseph goes home after losing his job and wakes up to find he’s dating two girls, and Andrew practices his kickboxing but gets attacked by an ‘Other’ while ‘Drops’ fly around the streets.

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Episode 710: How Not to Summon Tanya the Evil

This week on Anime Pulse we got evil lolis, what Japan thinks all Europeans eat, and everyone gets a raise! Up first Joseph does a bit of spring cleaning in summer, and Andrew asks us about our interactions with other otakus outside of Anime Pulse. Then in the industry news we got topics like the best selling anime in Japan, and keeping a relic from Japan’s future-history alive. Finally the reviews see us out before previews begin with Joseph sticking his fingers in a robomaid to fill her with magic, and Andrew is isekai’d into another world as a blond loli with magical German technology.

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Episode 709: The Quintessential One Off

This week on Anime Pulse we got gold Yu-Gi-Oh cards, busty blond foreigners flashing young girls, and a trip back to England. Up first IRL news sees the rise of El Presidente Joseph, and Andrew continues to add FBI agents to our already extensive following. Then in industry news it’s a solo show for Joseph, as he talks about selling the possessions of a jail otaku and the newest leaning tower of meat-sa. And lastly we got more reviews with Joseph becoming increasingly bored of tutoring five identical sisters, and hot blond Australian Andrew hops on a motorcycle and rides around Japan.

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Episode 708: Redo of Eden

This week on Anime Pulse we got revenge fantasy, the cons in trying to imitate anime IRL, and lolis! Up first is the IRL news as Joseph gets a raise and nearly is done with Slime Rancher, meanwhile Andrew has recovered from his hay fever and does his best to put everyone on an FBI watch list. Then in the industry news, a man allows a high school girl to stay at his home and Junji Ito is back again to mess with our heads. Lastly in the reviews Joseph gets revenge on those who wronged him, and robo Andrew awakens a mythical human girl.

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Episode 707: Log Hyouka: Destruction of the Kininarimasu!

This week on Anime Pulse we got curiosity that infected the Oreki, renting overweight men and woman, and the attack of the killer hay fever. Up first IRL news brings us Joseph handing in his Assault Carbine for a Crystal Slime, and Andrew struggles through his hay fever to talk about the worst anime we enjoy. Then industry news brings up topics like an invasion of Attack on Titan artwork in a train station, and the creator of Ranma 1/2 explains why she can never have her characters just confess their love. And lastly we have more reviews as Joseph lets out an exasperated sigh in a isekai video game, and Andrew is curious about curiosity in High School.

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Episode 706: The Hidden Beastar Only I Can Enter

This week on Anime Pulse we got Zootopia the anime season 2, new FGO content, and the anime we think are good but don’t watch. Up first IRL news as Joseph is chasing chubbies in the latest chapter of FGO, and Andrew’s arms are so tired from all that flying. Afterwards industry news brings us topics like KyoAni finally doing something big since being attacked, and a list of anime you may need to take antidepressants to watch. Lastly in the reviews Joseph resists the urge to grope a chained up woman in a dungeon, and Andrew puts on a fur suit, gets on all fours, and howls at a horny bunny girl.

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Episode 705: Flying Zero

This week on Anime Pulse we got illegal maids, homestay witches, and raging against the Magics. Up first Joseph has put down MTG:A to prevent any more veins from popping, and have moved back into some dusty Fallout shoes. Andrew on the other hands has been a busy busy lad, but saves room to asks us who we would pledge our loyalty to and form a demonic blood pack with. Then in industry news a woman threatens to be the next KyoAni killer, and paying for service with a smile is going to become a little harder now. Lastly the reviews ties things up as Joseph proves why Beatrice is best girl, and Andrew does heartwarming witchy things.

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Episode 704: Suppose a Dragon from the Last Ball Movie Moved to a Starter Town

This week on Anime Pulse we got some a little special for ya, as Andrew dishes out two reviews at the price of one, Joseph starting to crack under the pressure of ranked games in MTG:A, and our favorite AMVs. Up first IRL news gets Joseph spending money on flights and putting in A/Cs, meanwhile Andrew is going Japantastic in his hunting of monsters before wrapping up the season of previews with his short takes. Then in industry news Joseph has a real talk about Japan’s prison system, and Andrew sombers us with the passing of a legendary author. Lastly in the reviews Joseph earns a Yandere after removing her lifelong curse with a washcloth, and Andrew powers up to Super Andrew God next time in Anime Pulse Z.

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Episode 703: High School: 86 Eye’s Song

This week on Anime Pulse we got demonic boobie boosting, the ONLY communication news that matters, and our communities’ thoughts on this season so far. Up first IRL news has a slurry Joseph naming a Ralts after Andrew, and Andrew give us the cons and pros of moving back to London. Afterwards industry news, well, the only thing that matters is that Komi can now communicate with us via anime. Andrew also mentions some things about Dragon Ball, but who cares! KOMI! KOMI! KOMI! After Komi we get into the final surprise show of Gatai, as Andrew counts 86 iRobots, and Joseph pokes some tits belonging to a devil to get a boosto in his pants.

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Episode 702: Odd Fumetsu at Magic High School

This week on Anime Pulse we got confessions in a Taxi, our best anime purchases, and lawn mowing. First up IRL news rolls in with Joseph getting a 10% man buff by mowing the lawn, and Andrew reverses last week’s question to find out what we feel is our best anime purchase. Second in are the news articles, with Andrew taking point once more talking about how Joseph will never go to Russia and more depressing robot boy and bunny girl adventures into a deep hole. Thirdly and lastly, is a Gatai show, as Joseph is slightly disappointed with a Magical High School and Andrew drives a taxi around looking for any signs of humanity.

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