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Hello everyone, Red here. Now normally I would be bringing you a new episode of Anime Pulse about this time, but due to technical difficulties the recorded show was rendered unsalvageable. This means that Rio and I did have a show, but it will not be released to the public due to this fact. I’d […]

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Hello one and all and welcome back to another exciting episode of Anime Pulse! This week Red is back with our new cohost for the foreseeable future, Rio! Finally, Anime Pulse will get the female perspective it has sorely needed for so long! Once congratulations are out of the way it’s into the news, with articles like a game based around Ramen, lingerie based on Cardcaptor, and an update on the Digimon movies. Then we’re off to the Discussion Thread, that’s right, the site was actually working this week! Shocker! What’s not such a shocker is the question, which is dedicated to mothers everywhere: Who is your favorite anime mom? And finally we round things out with reviews, Red creeps along with Tokyo Ghoul and Rio bashes the harem anime Trinity Seven. Hope you got your boots on, because you’re about to get wet. No not like that, pervert.

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Hello everyone. Anime Pulse is back and Red is here to lead the way, this week he is joined by RyoWei247 from the community; or as she says we may call her “Rio.” After a brief introduction into the life of Rio, Red kicks things off with the news. This week have some articles like gigantic burgers, memes that resurface thanks to artists on Twitter, and an old ad for Weight Gain. Then it’s into the Discussion- oh wait, yeah, sadly that won’t be happening. The website was down, which means this weeks discussion thread will be moving into next weeks. Sorry about that folks, technical difficulties and all that. So Instead Red and Rio jump straight into reviews. Rio is up first with Death Parade, and Red finishes things off with the first season of Aldnoah.Zero. The race to be the new full-time cohost is almost up folks, so if you haven’t put your ballet in yet then get to it!

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Hello again dear listeners, it’s that time of the week again! That’s right, a new Anime Pulse episode! Red is back with guest host Link to bring you another drunken stupor of a show. First up is a bit of news about TC’s condition, Red filling us in on the latest about the former cohost. Then it’s onto the show, with a round of news on the house! Iconic Japanese Swimsuits are being changed, a very Japanese Visual Novel gets a Japanese release, and the shitty Japanese justice system strikes again! Afterwards, Red and Link chill out on the forums and read off the answers to this weeks Discussion Thread, what are three cosplays you wish you could pull off? And finally it’s the final week of previews, Red and Link have two shows a piece to introduce so stick around and enjoy the ride.

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With no TC or Ichigo to join him, Red grabs another guest host from the community, this time it’s Link of Hyrule. Hope you got them beer goggles set on your ears, because Red is inebriated as hell. First up is the news, with topics like a lucky high school student living out the harem dream, A DBZ exhibit, and shrimp burger without the shrimp! How does that even make sense? Then it’s onto the discussion thread, where the question is about who your top three favorite seiyus are. Hope your ears are ready to hear Red flub so many names up, because Ichigo is not here to set him straight. And finally we have episode two of previews for the spring 2015 season, only one episode left before it’s back to reviews!

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Tis a sad day for the Anime Pulse podcast, as news reaches us that not only is Ichigo being further sucked into the family man lifestyle but TC illness might very well force him out of the show. More on that as the week progresses, hopefully. Until then, Red is back with Ichigo to bring you some previews of the new anime season. First up is news, with articles like 151 pokemon pancakes, Idols giving up their untouchable status to become mothers, and the villains in anime that would make the best friends. Then it’s onto the discussion thread, which has been sitting on the burner for two weeks so it’s a long one! If you could remove one anime from your brain, which one would you remove? And finally a new season entails previews, as Ichigo and Red introduce a host of new shows they started watching.

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Three 4′s in a row? Is that bad luck or something someplace? Probably. Thankfully we encounter no bad luck this episode, as everything goes on without a hitch. This week we get a guest from the 4PlayerAnimeCast, the podcast that recently had Red join them as a guest; SpireWrecker. After a brief introduction, it’s onto the show! Starting off with news as usually, with topics like Red’s obsession for Yanderes turning him into a kitchen knife salesman, a paternity board game that is sweeping Twitter, and a video series that teaches girls how to not show their panties by showing their panties. After news it’s onto a hotly debated discussion thread, who do you think is the best Swordsman sans the supernatural and superhuman abilities? And to round out the season, Red and Spire give a lengthy joint review of Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata, better known as Saekano.

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He’s back ladies and gentlemen! TC hath return! Kind of… Waifu Reina takes the hot seat while TC plays backseat driver, she’s only been on a couple times before but she’s already a pro! After some talk about TC’s life and various topics, the crew jumps into news about what kind of gal twitter users in Japan prefer, horrible otaku fashion from the swedish, and active WWII US bombs still being found in Japan. After news a very small discussion thread is quickly run through, with either the fact it was such a niche question or the forums kept crashing the entire week; who is the best cosplayer you’ve ever seen? And finally it’s onto the reviews. Reina kicks things off with yoru no yatterman, and Red rounds out the show with the final season of Hayate no Gotoku.

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Another week and another episode of Anime Pulse. Once again TC is out of commission, and will be taking what he calls an “extended leave of absence” until he feels (or more importantly, his wife feels) like he can return. For now, we have another guest from the community joining Red; Digitani. After a brief introduction, Red and Digi get into news about Tower Burgers, panty stealing ex-baseball players, and lonely middle school teachers who accidentally expose their porn stash to their students. Then it’s into the discussion thread, this week’s question was all about the gags. What anime has your favorite running gag? And then it’s onto reviews! Digi steps in first with a lengthy review of the new Ghost in the Shell series Arise, then Red wraps things up with a disappointed look at the second season of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

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No Ichigo? No TC? What’s a poor RedUnit to do!? (Mess up the episode number, that’s what!) Well if your as witty, intelligent, and handsome as him you’ll have no trouble finding a guest host to be your wing man. That’s right, this episode we have the angriest of thinkers, TheMadPhilosopher, as our first ever official guest host. After a brief introduction to our guest, it’s onto the show! First up is news, with articles like Sugar Diamonds for your lucky lady, festivals in Japan still going despite the risk of a third eye, and Hawaiian Pancakes at Japanese McDonalds are doing rather well. Then it’s into the discussion thread for this week, as the question of what giant mech/robot/suit would you like to pilot? And finally the reviews. MadPhilosopher starts us out with a review of .hack//Sign, where 2002 thought 1990 thought 2005 would be like. Time humor! And Red wraps things up by describing his first venture into the world of Yaoi with Love Stage; he will never be the same man again.

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