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Welcome to another episode of Anime Pulse. This week Red and Ryo start us off with more suggestions from the community, still no news but Red is hopeful the suggestions will begin to thin out and they can return to your normally scheduled program. After that Red touches on a rather serious subject involving an ex-Anime Pulse community member and harassment, after which Ryo lightens the mood with talks of a new segment dedicated to reviewing hentai between her and community member Innocuous Blond. The Discussion Thread is up next and it’s a doozy; if you could create an anime what would it’s title be and give a one line description. And finally the long awaited joint review of a show that still has yet to end, a little miscalculation on Red’s part; it’s Shokugeki no Soma!

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Welcome back one and all to another edition of Anime Pulse. On this weeks episode Red and Ryo start off with the suggestions, emails, PMs, and comments. Debating and discussing the pros and cons to each idea, including one or two of their own. Then news finally makes a return, albeit in a smaller form. Only two news articles in total, with Red telling us who will be casted in the upcoming Monster Musume anime and Ryo telling us all about an incident involving bloody money and a beef bowl. Next up is the discussion thread, where we tip our hats to the fathers out there with a question of who your favorite anime dad is. And finally, we wrap up with the reviews. Red takes the lead with an anime he likes to call Tsundere Dance, and Ryo is nonplused with the goldfish infused Galilei Donna.

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Following the formatting of last weeks show, Red and Ryo are back again without any news. Instead they discuss and debate the running list of suggestions sent into them by the community, tips and advice on how to possibly better the site and bring a more active community back to it’s core. After that, it’s onto this weeks discussion thread where it was up to you to decide which anime character you might want or wanted as a school teacher. And finally the reviews, Ryo starts us off with A Channel which left a bad taste in her mouth and Red wraps things up with a fight over an apartment room in Rokujyoma no Shinryakusha.

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Welcome back friends and fellow otakus, this week Red and Ryo are doing things a bit differently. They take it from the top with news about the show itself, talking about changes and suggestions fellow community members have shared with them. They cover two emails sent in, and then discuss what is going on with them IRL and laying it all out for all of the listeners to hear. Then they mosey on over to the discussion thread, this weeks question about sharing your favorite anime convention experience. And finally, after an extended show, it’s onto the reviews where Red had Space Dandy season 2 and Ryo has the Fruit of Grisaia.

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Red and Ryo are back again to bring you another episode of Anime Pulse, after some quick announcements by Red they jump straight into the news. This week they cover articles like a not-so-delicious veggie burger introduced at McDonalds Japan, a GTA like video game where you take pictures of girls panties, and Blue colored deserts. Then it’s into the discussion thread, where this week you had to describe your favorite anime in the style of a recipe. And finally two reviews wrap things up, Ryo reviews the second season of Nagi no Asukara and Red explode everywhere with his love for Mahouka.

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It’s another edition of Anime Pulse! This week Red and Ryo are back to bring you the latest news from Japan and the industry, with topics like a new kind of Pepsi, Game of Thrones getting a “Japanese” feel, and the only way for a respectable nerd to get out of the bath. Then it’s onto the Discussion Thread, where this weeks question was all about Red’s favorite genre; harems! Could you stand to be the only one of your gender in an entire school? And finally the reviews are up, where Red roasts Shin Strange+ and Ryo grills Battle Girls: Time Paradox.

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Hello everyone, Red here. Now normally I would be bringing you a new episode of Anime Pulse about this time, but due to technical difficulties the recorded show was rendered unsalvageable. This means that Rio and I did have a show, but it will not be released to the public due to this fact. I’d […]

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Hello one and all and welcome back to another exciting episode of Anime Pulse! This week Red is back with our new cohost for the foreseeable future, Rio! Finally, Anime Pulse will get the female perspective it has sorely needed for so long! Once congratulations are out of the way it’s into the news, with articles like a game based around Ramen, lingerie based on Cardcaptor, and an update on the Digimon movies. Then we’re off to the Discussion Thread, that’s right, the site was actually working this week! Shocker! What’s not such a shocker is the question, which is dedicated to mothers everywhere: Who is your favorite anime mom? And finally we round things out with reviews, Red creeps along with Tokyo Ghoul and Rio bashes the harem anime Trinity Seven. Hope you got your boots on, because you’re about to get wet. No not like that, pervert.

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Hello everyone. Anime Pulse is back and Red is here to lead the way, this week he is joined by RyoWei247 from the community; or as she says we may call her “Rio.” After a brief introduction into the life of Rio, Red kicks things off with the news. This week have some articles like gigantic burgers, memes that resurface thanks to artists on Twitter, and an old ad for Weight Gain. Then it’s into the Discussion- oh wait, yeah, sadly that won’t be happening. The website was down, which means this weeks discussion thread will be moving into next weeks. Sorry about that folks, technical difficulties and all that. So Instead Red and Rio jump straight into reviews. Rio is up first with Death Parade, and Red finishes things off with the first season of Aldnoah.Zero. The race to be the new full-time cohost is almost up folks, so if you haven’t put your ballet in yet then get to it!

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Hello again dear listeners, it’s that time of the week again! That’s right, a new Anime Pulse episode! Red is back with guest host Link to bring you another drunken stupor of a show. First up is a bit of news about TC’s condition, Red filling us in on the latest about the former cohost. Then it’s onto the show, with a round of news on the house! Iconic Japanese Swimsuits are being changed, a very Japanese Visual Novel gets a Japanese release, and the shitty Japanese justice system strikes again! Afterwards, Red and Link chill out on the forums and read off the answers to this weeks Discussion Thread, what are three cosplays you wish you could pull off? And finally it’s the final week of previews, Red and Link have two shows a piece to introduce so stick around and enjoy the ride.

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