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Sorry for the late release everyone, with Thanksgiving just around the corner Red has been pretty busy with other things and just plum forgot to upload the show. But at last here it is, so enjoy. As per normal it’s IRL news first with a brand new intro sound, Red likes this one much better and hopefully you do too. Starting off IRL news though Red talks about how he has a job with the state of new york finally, and Ryo continues to suffer from the curse of the cohost. Afterwards is industry news with a short piece from Red about an animator for Full Metal Alchemist who retells an encounter he had with police, and Ryo follows up with news of an arrest after a group uploaded scanlations of a manga online. And finally it’s into the reviews, with Red’s look at an old one from 2003 called Mouse and Ryo picking up something more recent titled Plastic Memories.

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Another week another episode of Anime Pulse. This week Red starts off the IRL news with his tails from the wastes, as he is slowly becoming absorbed into the world that is Fallout 4. Ryo on the other hand is writing fan fiction, the non-sexual kind, and spending time with her boyfriend. Then it’s onto the news from Japan with Red talking about crossdressing and anime romance, and Ryo talking about the really fresh seafood and the worst way to rid yourself of lose hair. And with no Discussion Thread still the reviews are in full swing, with Red’s review of I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying and Ryo’s review of the bloody Corpse Party.

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Making much better time this week, Anime Pulse is pleased to bring you yet another episode. Starting off with IRL news Ryo talks about her off-roading and school work, Red then picks up where he left off with his interview on Monday and his excitement for the upcoming release of Fallout 4. Afterwards they get to the news from Japan, with Ryo talking about some good news for same-sex couples and Red talking about some sad news for fans of Miyu Matsuki. And as usual the two wrap the show up with reviews, where poor Ryo has to suffer through sudden nose bleeds and magical boys. Red then gets to talk to himself for a few minutes about library shepherds before Ryo returns to join him. Hazaa for editing!

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Sorry for the late post everyone, Ryo and Red have had some trouble coordinating a time where she could send her half of the show to him to work on. Kicking right into IRL news Red talks about some Pumpkin Bisque and baking marathons, while Ryo’s bad health also has bad timing and her fainting spells continue. Then it’s onto the news where Red and Ryo discuss short haired girls in anime, and just how desperate people who eat curry are for a companion. And lastly we arrive at the reviews, Red talks about the Chunibyo turning real anime “Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de” and Ryo talks about doughnut cats in “Donyatsu.”

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Hey we’re back, back again. Red and Ryo and back, would you perchance tell a friend? It’s been about three months, but Anime Pulse has finally made a return. We begin by kicking things off with IRL News updates, a few months worth of updates to be exact. Red got hit by another car while walking, and Ryo has been writing up a storm. Then a couple piece of news from the past week, with Red covering some rather unique bath scents and Ryo talking about the anime parents want to show their kids the most. And finally they wrap up with some reviews, Ryo starts with her favorite series ever “Hellsing Ultimate” and Red covers the anime for girls “Wolf Girl and the Black Prince.”

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Re-uploading for the sake of posterity, this is an old show recorded back on Sunday August 23rd.

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Hello and welcome back to another episode of Anime Pulse, this week Red and Ryo are here to bring you news, reviews, and hopefully some amusement. Straight off the bat is the weekly updates on your gracious hosts, Red working on the ending for the second volume in his book series and Ryo is tired of sleeping on an air mattress. Afterwards comes news with Red detailing the events of a Monster Failure of a convention and Ryo praying to her Idol Gods, and one final bit of news relating to the ex-anime pulse member whose name we do not speak. Then the discussion thread is up to par, this weeks question about what you’d be willing to pay for the ultimate anime streaming and downloading service. And finally the reviews, with Red bringing the second season of Hitsugi no Chaika to the table and Ryo digging up an oldie from the early 2000’s called Divergence Eve.

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At long last the previews have ended and Anime Pulse returns to its regularly scheduled programming. This week Red and Ryo fills you in on what they’ve been up to lately, Red nearly suffocated on fumes of cat pee and Ryo went off roading with her dad. After that they move onto news from Japan and the industry, Red begins with news on the color blue and Ryo brings up the topic of a man who was stealing women’s treasures. Then it’s onto this weeks discussion thread, where we wanted to know what Japanese phrases or sayings have really stuck with you. And finally the reviews make their return, with Red handling Jinsei and Ryo gushing over Gatchaman Crowds.

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It’s the final week of summer previews but that doesn’t mean summer is over yet, in fact we still got a whole month left! To start things off Red and Ryo delve into what’s been happening in their own lives, Red saw a sad movie that made him not-cry at all and Ryo is zeroing in on her medical condition. Then it’s onto the news, where Red talks about a long body pillow and Ryo speaks of the never ending story that is OnePiece. Afterwards it’s into the discussion thread, where this week we wanted to know what your favorite Gundam was. And finally, to wrap things up, Red and Ryo have another couple shows each to preview.

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Second week of summer previews and Red is absolutely melting, poor guy feels like a chocolate bar left out in a car on a hot summer day. But the show must go on! And on it goes! First up Red and Ryo catch up on what’s been going on in their lives, Red did some lawn work with his father and Ryo continues her curse of the cohost chronicles. Afterwards Ryo touches on a comment made by one of our listeners and community members, an then both Red and Ryo dive into the news! That’s right, the news is back! Red has an article about head pats and pinning your love interest against a wall, while Ryo discusses the finer points of drugging horny old men and stealing their money. Then it’s onto the discussion thread, where we wanted to know who your favorite transgender characters in anime are. And finally comes the previews, this is week two so just one more week left before we’re back into reviews. Please note, if the conversation between Red and Ryo sounds a bit ‘off’ it’s because Ryo’s audio desynced from Red’s. Red tried his best to fix it, but he’s no audio expert.

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