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Welcome to another episode of Anime Pulse, this week brought to you by the empty amphitheater that Ryo apparently decided to record from. Technical difficulties aside, this is the first previews show of the Spring 2016 season. We’ve got IRL updates from both of the hosts, industry news about cats and ideal body types, and then the previews of which there are four in total. We’ll be doing two of these shows this season, and then possibly taking a week off while Ryo recovers from near death via finals.

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For this weeks show Red and Ryo have become one with their bosses and have begun to exemplify their pessimistic views of the anime industry, or in other words they poke fun at the state of Manga Pulse and its hosts. But before they work hard on trying to get fired, Red and Ryo regale you with their IRL news where they attempt to explain their long absences. Red has a new car, and Ryo is single again. Then it’s onto the Industry News, or lack-there-of as it’s a slow ass past few weeks for anything interesting to talk about. But doing their best Red has a follow-up piece about a Voice Actress facing charges after being found with cocaine, and Ryo informs everyone about the exciting venture of a Final Fantasy 15 anime. And lastly is reviews, where Ryo takes the lead with the feathery Comet Lucifer and Red rounds us out with Absolute Duo.

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Still no live show? What the heck man! This isn’t what I pay no money for! Sheesh, what a lazy bunch of bums. That’s right, it’s another week and another episode of Anime Pulse coming right at ya. Like a bad joke, it just flies right over your head because you just don’t get it. Speaking of which, Tokyo Ghoul Root A. Now there’s a joke of an anime, and boy howdy does Ryo have some words to say about it. Red chimes in too on their joint review of the season, but in the end the two hosts have somewhat different opinions on its final rating. Aside from the review, we got news about France banning Doraemon and a “How to Draw Manga” book that’s all about the panties. But before any of that happens, Ryo and Red fill you in on what’s been going down in their lives.

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I hope you’ve brought your medical facial masks, because Red and Ryo are both your patients for this weeks show. That’s right, your hosts are not feeling quite up-to-par as both of them are suffering from one type of illness or another; the show much go on though! As such, IRL news is full of how sick both Red and Ryo are; Ryo including the only bit of happy news which covered a drawing of hers getting some press. Afterwards Red talks about how Kirino from Oreimo is representing voters in Japan, and Ryo lists off the most popular cat names in Japan. And last but not least are reviews where Red covers a bad vampire anime, and Ryo attempts to keep herself entertained with a short anime about distraction.

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Rejoice and give thanks, your regularly scheduled anime review podcast has returned. This week, Red has an anime so bad that the power that be tried their best to stop him from speaking its name. Ryo on the other hand has something a little better, even if the main protagonist in the series is nameless. But before all of that we have IRL news, were Ryo visited her mother and Red bought some flowers for his mommy. Industry News, where Ryo talks about an owner who tried to steal from his own restaurant and Red covers a poll on ideal anime marriage partners. Then the reviews can happen, but not before!

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At long last the final episode of Winter 2016 previews has arrived, after this Anime Pulse will return to it’s regularly scheduled program of reviews. Starting things off this week is “less drunk” Red, who is sober enough to actually not make sexually references every ten seconds as he does his IRL news. Meanwhile Ryo is doing much better, in that she has not had a case of the cracking-head-open-against-desks this week. After IRL news it’s onto the Industry News, with Red’s article about love confessions and Ryo’s about another Hatsune Miku figurine. After all is said and done we come to the final previews, and a brand new outro; let me know what you think! This could be something that changes every week for now on, or it could be something new to replace the old that signifies the ending.

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It’s Anime Pulse with the second episode of Winter 2016 anime previews. This week Ryo starts off her IRL news with her continuing series “Curse of the Cohost”, while Red on the other hand if a damn drunk and just can’t stop sipping the sauce. Then they get into the news with Ryo talking about preventing panty shots with real life censorship, and Red continuing to drink while he discusses Yanderes being banned from Twitch. And finally the previews, two per person this week for a total of four animes to possibly check out.

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Aaaaaaand we’re back. Ladies and gentlemen Anime Pulse returns from a three week break, which we address right at the start of the show. That and the scare tactic from Red last show, both issues are addressed before either host move onto their IRL news. Speaking of which, Ryo is falling apart. Literally. And Red, well, he’s flying high earning the big bucks at work and spending it all on shirts. With the weekly updates out of the way next up is industry news, where Red talks about monster girl hentai and Ryo is all about those damn birds. And finally a new season hath come and with it brings new shows, so Red and Ryo dig into the Winter 2016 season.

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So here’s a test. Who reads this? Who still listens? Let me know in comments section for this episode. This is going to be a pretty important test, and depending on its outcome Red is going to either keep rolling with the show or is going to hit the switch and put this podcast to bed. So if you still want this show to be a thing you’d better speak up, otherwise Anime Pulse will come to an end. That said, here’s the rundown for this episode: Red and Ryo try a new introduction with Red partially messing it up, and then they go straight into IRL news. After which Red reads the list of the most villains characters in anime and Ryo talks about an expensive Lum statue, or is it a figurine? Who really cares, it’s a giant depiction of Lum that’s probably already sold out. And to cap things off Red reviews the strong-female-warrior anime of Madan no Ou to Vanadis, and Ryo reviews the monster-girl filled world of Monster Musume.

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Red’s enjoying his new job, Ryo is suffering from terrible anime, and this is another episode of Anime Pulse. This week’s episode includes topics like the classification of the otaku and what not to do at a cabaret, and of course the reviews where Red has the failing Amagi Brilliant Park and Ryo has crossdressing Himegoto. Aside from a super long portion of this week’s show going to Red reading off the final portions of Oreimo to Ryo while she writhes in pain, everything went well for a change.

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