Manga Pulse 448: Berserker Paradise

Here in the future of the past, we’ve finally hit the point where lumber is almost worth it’s weight in silver. Pretty soon there will be a federal reserve of pine and plywood. Which then means we’ll get a Die Hard 10: Raiding Again where the nephew of the Gruber’s will rob it. And Willis will be partnered with some forgettable actor who’s popular on social media for a week. Until it’s discovered that they’re a vore loving baby fur.

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Manga Pulse 446: Code Mew

What’s better than one review? How about three? That’s what we bring to you packaged in one show. All for the low low price of the brain cells you’ll burn listening to us talk. Not as many as we cook getting through these requests that come into the PO box with no return address and smelling vaguely of the ocean.

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Manga Pulse 445: Interspecies Shinto

Another episode and yet two more manga from the box of mystery. Whoever wanted us to review this intended us to hurt a little. If that was the intent, they’ve done an incredible job dispensing agony. So if they need feedback for masterclass in villainy, top marks from us.

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Manga Pulse 441: Regenerated Manga

How many manga can we cram into a single show? Could we do seven, fourteen, a hundred and eighty? Considering how long and rambly we get, it’s doubtful. We’re honestly lucky we get through the two we normally slate for these things. Speaking of two, that’s exactly what we brought in.

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