Manga Pulse 488: No Express

Everyone likes to save a buck here and there. Some people do that by reusing things like sandwich bags. Others will take trips to the outlet mall and stock up on irregulars. To that end, you should stock up on our irregular reviews. By that we mean imperfect and not off of a proper schedule. Though we do sometimes have scheduling changes. Because we are imperfect but we try harder.

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Manga Pulse 487: Double Sister

How many organs do people need actually? If you know and are some sort of organ expert, we need your feedback. Apparently the local prosecutor has decided that local children and obnoxious adults need ALL of them. They were clearly not using them based on their social media post history. When you repost MLM scams you’re signaling to the world that your kidneys are free to a good home.

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Manga Pulse 486: Star Bitches

Psst, hey kids? It’s Papa Disney here. You like Star Wars? Good, you like expanded universe stuff? Of course you do. No, we’re not bringing back the Zhan novels and integrating them into canon. You think we like money? We’ve got all sorts of soft reboot tie ins that piss right in your eye. So, whadaya say? Wanna drop your life savings on remembering the good times?

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Manga Pulse 485: Slayer Hime

How many demons can disco on the head of an angry flea? We’re going to isolate a flea and trap it in a summoning circle and find out. Oh shit. It turns out Himalayan sea salt only makes the demons angry. Now they’re busy revising HOA rules and running for PTA boards. Well, at least we’ve got manga to talk about.

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Manga Pulse 484: Fruit King

The weather outside is delightful but the fire is so frightful. As long as you tune into this show you can find some solace from the wonderful snow that you’re probably experiencing in the Northern Hemisphere. The people who claim to live south of the equator are all paid actors funded by the CIA and MI6. Keep away from the psyop with a double does of manga reviews.

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Manga Pulse 483: Oriental Kitties are Racist

What what, ol chap? You were mumbling something about a man-ga? A pod-cast? I swear the meals they serve in the diner car have always turned. How else can you explain these strange dreams of a world where man can travel the globe in the span of mere days? And all the while communicating freely with anyone else within seconds. Bad kipper is my reckoning. I’m going back to my bunk and we should arrive within the Orient on the morrow.

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Manga Pulse 482: Smell of Kill

We made it through No Nuts November. Time to crack open that preservative jar and put them back in the sack. Maybe after a good squeeze to get that nut juice out. It’s the time of year when the collectors come around to top of their “almond milk” canisters and it fetches a fair trade price. On with the manga.

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Manga Pulse 481: E is for Eichi

It’s the holidays, again. We hope you’ve loaded up on your favorite pies and festive sides. Also, if you’re one of those weird folks who hates potatoes AND stuffing. Then we hope you find religion. Because you need guidance and we can’t help you. Well, Weltall might be able to help. With the assistance of a pocket watch, a dark room, and liberal amount of liquor.

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Manga Pulse 480: Olga’s Syrup

Hey there. Did you know that our episodes often come with reviews? Two of them, if you can believe it. You should believe it because we don’t lie. Unless we’re running for congress. Then we’re going to offer you blowjob robots that crap money. We like to pull out all the stops when we’re campaigning. Even if it makes the intersections far more dangerous.

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Manga Pulse 479: Giant Pumpkin

Gather up your rayon capes. Put on the elastic masks with the sharp mouth slot. And steal the classic Mickey D’s treat buckets from those obsessive collectors. It’s the spooky season and that means manga featuring all sorts of skellingtons and bones and all that autumn jazz. Or we might have just incidentally found manga that sort of fits by happenstance.

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