Manga Pulse 477: Girlfriend Executioner

It’s been convention time around here. That means plenty of overpriced snacks from the land of the rising sun. Oddball panels and events. Wide range of cosplay from off the rack to professional grade. It also means manga grab bags are up for sale. And at the end of the con, they’re at their cheapest and prime for review material.

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Manga Pulse 476: Embers of Lust

We don’t have a lot of thoughts in the head today. It’s probably all those fumes from trying to strike oil out in the field so we don’t have to work anymore. That or it was getting beer bottles thrown at our head from digging in some random field looking for oil. Turns out property owners don’t care for trespassers. At least we’ll always have out manga.

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Manga Pulse 475: Elder Hell

Coming to you straight from the home of the Keebler elves. No, not wherever some factory that Nabisco claims to own. We’re doing this now from a tree in the middle of the woods. Around us lay the corpses of those that dared so stand in the way of our hunger for grasshopper cookies. The rest are hiding out in the back, cranking on the cookie machine. Which means we’re here and, like the only proper oreo, double stuffed with reviews.

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Manga Pulse 474: School the Bitch

With all the targeted marketing branching out, I have an idea. There’s an underutilized market that’s ripe for tapping. The boomers. You might counter that they see foreign comics as degenerate. I counter that there’s a large chunk of them that are secretly degenerates and can be swayed by the argument that it’s art. Or just blast their DMs with animu titties and they’ll eventually come around.

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Manga Pulse 473: Token Takehashi

Look at the hands on that clock, Steve. It looks like the hands are running backwards. I guess that means it’s time to do the Time Warp again. Because we seem to have fallen into the past through some sort of paper lined gateway. By that we mean manga and manga that’s aged. Has it aged like wine or soured like vinegar?

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Manga Pulse 472: A Kickstarter got Kick Started

The prophecy has been fulfilled. Two seals, of bloodied fur but full of life have been born. Thus the lights in the north have been witnessed. The Eskimo has been spotted coming from the fortress of emo. It turns out he has been working on some sort of kickstarter which can be found here:

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Manga Pulse 471: My Classes Don’t Jiggle Jiggle

Hey everybody? Welcome to a wonderful new way to pay and live! Don’t you hate the way shopping online requires you to click on pictures and add them to a cart? Wouldn’t it be more convenient if you had to put on a VR headset, navigate over to a virtual store front, then walk through the store? Of course while you’re in there you’ll have to pick up the items you want and put them in a cart! Which you will need to repeat for the quantity you want! Wait, why are you all leaving? Don’t you want to buy into this highly expensive service? Well in any case, we have manga.

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Manga Pulse 470: Death Riots

Well it happened again. We’ve made it alive to another episode of Manga. We managed to read a whole two of them as expected. And yes, we do want a fucking cookie. If you can be so kind as to fetch if for us. We prefer white chocolate and macadamia if you can find it. If you must select some sort of oatmeal variety, pick something nicer than raisin.

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