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Manga Pulse 414:

The future is so bright, we gotta wear NVDs. At least we have manga. We’ve always got manga.

Tim has a manwha with Lookism. This is a rather uniquely drawn set of characters with the protagonist being a fat, broken boy who can’t seem to go without being bullied. After an incident atschool he convinces his mom to send him to another school. He falls asleep in his new apartment only to wake up in an attractive body that looks like the protagonist of a shoujo comic. He still has his old, out of shape and shot body which is sleeping when the other is awake. He switches between them for much shenannigans and gets the comic a Read It Now.

Weltall has Satanofani. There’s a mysterious syndrome going around where pretty girls in Japan suddenly commit violent crimes. Chika is reportedly one of those girls and ends up in a prison with others who’ve been convicted of the same syndrome. It gets a Crackers for pacing along well enough.

Manga Pulse 413: Late Darling

We have a pair of manga this week with some requests.

Tim has a request for Darling In The Franxx. Most of his exposure of this series came from the meme’d scene where Hiro and Zero Two announce their love for each other. They’re both mech pilots without partners. Hiro can seem to pair with anyone and Zero Two keeps killing hers. So she grabs him and forces him to work with her in the mech which works and they fight a monster. It gets a crackers for being fun while being light on story.

Weltall has Late Winter. It’s the furture and a brand new ice age has show up ready to wreck humanity. Instead of getting back megafauna of yore, we get monsters that show up. Oh, and like an apocalyptic story aren’t the real monsters the humans we met along the way? It gets Borders for great pacing but a dull premise that has yet to win us over.

Manga pulse 410: Demi Devil

Can manga be anime or is anime manga? Is corn grass? Take some egg crates and stable some wild flowers to it. Now you’ve turned your garbage into something no one wants and wasted precious ?resources. All to keep yourself or maybe a child busy for a few seconds. Why not just light money on fire and watch it burn?

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