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Manga Pulse 385: King Stalker


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I think it may be time once more for a couple of manga. Handpicked by our inexpert staff who can barely manage to punch manga titles into the mighty oracle itself. At least they actually remember to prepare and be read by this episode. Instead of desperately attempting to catch up on the chapters required while the other mumbles their way through a review.

Tim has a request, The King’s Avatar. It’s a manhua where a man stumbles into a gaming cafe and takes over for the manager and demonstrates how awesome he is by making her win the match in a few minutes. It’s revealed he played pro in an MMO but, for reasons we have yet to see, was forced to give it up and leave. The interesting part is him trying to work his way back up while going over meta strategy of gaming. The dull part is seeing him “in the game” as his character which drops it to a Borders.

Weltall’s review, Ijousha no Ai, begins innocently enough when our main character is in elementary school receiving a confession. Elated, he offers to walk her home later. Shortly after, another girl confesses. Main finds her creepy and says he would but there’s this other girl see. So she goes off to kill the other girl. Main is still troubled seven years later when another girl becomes interested in him after he starts seeing his crazy stalker out of the corner of his eye. As with so many psychological slashers we review, it gets a Read It Now.

Manga Pulse 384: DevilDevilDevil Man


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Something’s happened. We seem to have some sort of fever and lightheadedness. Accompanied by the smell of sulfur and an acrid smokey smell. No, Tim’s mother hasn’t appeared within a pentacle. We’ve caught the fever of Amon and he’s contagious. Continue reading Manga Pulse 384: DevilDevilDevil Man

Manga Pulse 383: Yo Neverland


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Another trip to the bookstore? Yes, we made it out one more time. Just in case anyone didn’t believe we take advice from out listeners. Not the parts about lighting ourselves on fire because we know that’s all in good humor. That and we did that once and it wasn’t nearly as exciting as you might assume. A pity we no longer have the video.

Tim reviews The Promised Neverland. From the cover, Tim assumed it was one of those slice of life mangas that make him search longingly for a hangnail to remove. It is about an orphanage where a whole herd of children live in a seemingly timeless era where no one has a computer. Except when they’re taking tests. There’s a twist to everything which earns it a Read It Now.

Weltall’s Neeko wa tsurai yo is a manga about what we can only call “millennials”. The obnoxious version of a vague generation propped up by clickbaiting articles desperate to milk a little ad revenue from hate-sharing. The main character, Niito, is educated and young but not working or doing anything. She’s boring and would be improved by being thrown face first into an emptied pool. For the crime of being so boring that we’d rather be practicing calligraphy it earns a Burn It.

Manga Pulse 382: Devil Girl


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After the general grumble about us not purchasing as many manga, and relying on other more lazy methods, we decided to purchase a least one more. This meant trekking all the way over to the local Barnes. We brought enough supplies to make the ten minute journey, browsed the shelves and choose a volume which hadn’t been reviewed before.

Tim purchased a copy of Devilman – Grimoire. Tim was only familiar with the original title thanks to the episodes brought over in the late nineties and his most recent review of the source material. While he wasn’t paying attention it bloomed into a couple of sequels. This time we have Amon living with Miki who believes herself to be a witch. She plays at summoning demons one night right as they’re attacked by some real ones. By accident, she summons Amon into Akira’s body and he starts killing demons around for reasons. It’s still good enough to get a Read It Now.

Weltalls physical copy of manga is Magical Girl Apocalypse. No, it’s not an apocalypse where magical girls are are driving resurrected gas contraptions along the desert of Australia. It’s an apocalypse of attacking magical girl looking things. While this does sound like yet another manga Weltall has reviewed, it gets a Crackers.

Manga Pulse 381: Hatchi Love


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Guess who’s back, back again? Probably some random celebrity who has a long history of saying something stupid and/or inarticulate. It turns out that age doesn’t automatically make people smarter or enhance their ability to communicate. And so they repeat their folly and the news breathlessly reports on it as though this is a fresh turn of events. All the while, click click click and the ad revenue comes trickling in.

Tim’s review is for Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi. It’s a romance about two childhood friends who discover the power of hormones now that they’ve started going to high school. Our main character, Koharu, takes until the sixth chapter to discover that the reason her heart beat is irregular around Natsuki, isn’t because he emits microwaves and screws with her pacemaker. While it’s predictable and by the numbers, it’s so inoffensive it lands squarely at Borders.

Weltalls manhwa Love Parameter. Weltall doubts whether it counts because it’s a webcomic rather than print, the oracle assures us that manhwa is generally all things comic in Korea. It’s about a sad sack who can get dates and even get to intercourse but annoys girls so much they will leave midway boning and never call again. He stumbles into a traveling magic shop that hands him a pair of glasses that allows him to view things like a dating sim including prompting his responses to girls. It’s pretty direct though not hentai, in case you need to be warned not to read it while babysitting your six year old nephew. It gets a Read It Now.

Manga Pulse 380: Lagoon Gaiden


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What’s the best way to make a movie that makes all the monies? Just make a sequel, of course. But what if your studio doesn’t own the rights to anything currently popular because you weren’t busy buying the rights to every comic book out there? That’s when you dig through your catalog and make an illegitimate sequel to something people still talk about. If that fails, you at least have a tax write off and the knowledge that you did everything you possibly could.

Speaking of sequels, Tim’s manga is Donten ni Warau Gaiden. It’s a sequel or perhaps an epilogue to another manga. It’s set in the meiji era, which is basically Japan’s wild west for how it’s romanticized. Some people were supposed to fight a snake thing and they won, apparently. Also there are creepy ninjas who are or were crazy in that they forced their members to kill family to join the ranks. It’s intriguing enough that Tim gives it a Borders and may read the original.

Weltall then reviews Let’s Lagoon. In in, the main character awakens on a deserted island. He was apparently in a naval accident but can’t remember what happened. He’s joined by a girl and eventually an older man who is a teacher of hers. When the main guy ends up being pulled away by a riptide into the ocean, he awakens and finds he was only gone for fifteen minutes. There’s time screwiness somehow involved with the ocean and people trying to drown themselves to end up on the island that time forgot. It gets a Read It Now.

Manga Pulse 379: Booze Adam


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If there’s one thing we know, it’s the pursuit of happiness. Which is just code for buying all the crap you see on late night advertisements. We’ve been pursuing happiness for quite some time. From the Ronco rotisserie, the Ginsu knives which were replaces by Chef Tony’s Miracle blade we’ve finally found the product which will actually complete your life. No, not Flex Tape. Stop suggesting that Darryl. It’s manga! Continue reading Manga Pulse 379: Booze Adam

Manga Pulse 378: Shoujo Onna


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Thank you for choosing Manga Pulse podcast for your reviews. We know you have many choices in podcasts and are glad we made your list. Once the show has begun, please do not move around until the hosts have turned off the seat belt sign. In a moment, you may peruse your kitchen and choose from some lovely duty-free snacks you’d have purchased prior to the show. Continue reading Manga Pulse 378: Shoujo Onna

Manga Pulse 377: Breaking Wind


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There’s something quietly amusing about us doing a sports themed manga. Mostly because neither Tim or Weltall are involved in any sports. They also don’t watch or follow any particular teams. Yet they’ve reviewed a manga for most major and a lot of lesser watched sports. From football to foreign football, tennis, shot put, boxing and who knows what else. Continue reading Manga Pulse 377: Breaking Wind

Manga Pulse 376: Shim Route


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Come one come all to the greatest show of all time. At least until we do the next show which will be even better than the last. Look, we’re just trying a new positive thinking exercise to bolster our self confidence. We keep telling the therapist it’s not working but they don’t really care. Really we just want some of those delicious ADD medications so we can focus on our porn searches. Continue reading Manga Pulse 376: Shim Route