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Manga PUlse 409: Perfect Saga

The local con season has come and gone and that means it’s time for more manga selected from a grab bag for Tim. This time the manga roulette has brought Tim to The Saga of Tanya the Evil. It’s an isekai where the protagonist is a salary man on earth who enjoys firing people. One of his firees takes this badly and shoves him in front of a subway train. In the afterlife, he meets various gods who want people to believe in them so they send him into a world of magic to be reborn as a girl soldier. The characters is lazy and obnoxious and fun to watch. It gets a Crackers.

Weltall then does Perfect School. Two twins, a boy and girl, are just switching schools. We don’t know why this has happened but we start to get hints. She begins by identifying a girl in class who appears to be ripe for psychological manipulation. She convinces the other girl to change her hair and this begins the protagonist weaving wicked strings throughout the school. It’s not very engaging or up our alley though the premise pushes it up to Borders.

Manga Pulse 408: Zelda Again…

We’re back with more requests and we’ve been given some more video game adaptations in a series we’ve already done a number of. Tim has Zelda – The Minish Cap and Phantom Hourglass. Having actually played the Minish Cap, Time has a bit of insight into the game story. It’s faithful and does well by skipping over the tedium that wouldn’t translate into a manga. The same volume covers the events of the Phantom Hourglass. It’s fun and lighthearted enough to enjoy with or without having played either game earning it a Crackers

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Manga Pulse 407: Plunder Kai

It’s year seven hundred forty nine of the Banshou Era. The third age of enlightenment following the Toki wars. This is the kind of thing Tim complains about in the intro to his manga. Where the author tells us what year it is like we’ve been reading their notes and know what to make of that.

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Manga Pulse 406: Zero Patrolman

Welcome back to our artisanal show. We make our podcast with a couple of simple ingredients. A couple of manga, some whiskey, and lots of time. No artificial cash influxes provided by oversized media conglomerates intent out forcing out as much flavorless paste for as little as possible.

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Manga Pulse 405: Scarlet Monster

Today we have requests. The kind where people so much want to see us in pain they physically package up some manga and ship it across the wider states to our PO box. This means that we have no choice but to tackle this as soon as possible unlike the requests where we’re merely sent the title, though we still accept those as well.

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Manga Pulse 404: Not Found

This episode was going to be posted earlier but it had gone missing. Probably because it’s four oh four. Alright, restrooms are back and to your left. Please tip your wait staff. G’night!

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Manga Pulse 403: Helpful Game

Hello? Yes, we’d like to order some cheese sticks, a large fry, two Cokes and a hamberder. Yes, a hamberder with no kepchup. I mean kepchup. Oh hell, I think someone goatse my autobot.

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Manga Pulse 402: Street Captain

There’s something infinitely charming about the predictions of the future made in the distant past in science fiction. Particularly when they didn’t bother to cast that far ahead in the date of their fictional world. Take Blade Runner, for example, depicting Los Angeles as a dark, shadowy, dystopian world of flying cars and pyramids. When in reality that more accurately describes modern day Las Vegas.

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Manga Pulse 401: God Pathos

By now we realized we’d passed our four hundred milestone and talk a little bit about what we’ve read and reviewed. There’s still consensus that some o the worst manga are the OELs which simply ape the style and mannerisms of manga.

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Manga Pulse 400: Many Hundreds

Shockingly, somehow, we’ve made if to four hundred episodes. Nearly eight hundred manga reviewed. Hundreds of emails read and dismissed. As it’s definitely a milestone you’d think we would have planned something special to celebrate it. If you’ve listened to us for any length of time then you know we barely remember to show up. So the episode number was a complete surprise to us.

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