Episode 230: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.

B Gata H Kei, Giant Killing get reviewed and Tim and Weltall help the insanity.

Thank you everyone who has supported us and listened to us for all these years. Please continue to support Ichigo and all the other great shows that are part of the Pulse family. There is more I want to say, but in many ways I think I’ve said too much so lets leave it at thank you.
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Episode 213: Lighter than White

Me and Tim lambaste incorrect us of the Queen’s Engrish while taking potshots at anyone and everyone that enters out sites. We manage to occasionally steer the conversation back towards news and eventually get around to reviewing a show, Darker Than Black, 1 and 2. It’s not our best show, but no where near our worst show, I’ll try and add a little more insanity into the mix next time. And I received the most awesome of presents, The Penguin Soda Maker, from Soda Club A big THANK YOU to my most favorite person 😀 So enjoy the show and I’ll tell you all how awesome the soda is next week. Oh and send me some ideas for reviews for next week.


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Episode 211: Ramblings on Nothing with Batou and Tim

So with Ichigo gone this week I drag Tim over for some fun recording, and well… with out Ichigo to keep us in line we just kinda went on about nothing in particular. I was kind of like what Sienfeld always claimed to be, a show about nothing. At some point we talked news and even discussed a show about animal detectives that wasn’t so much detecting but I guess there was some animals, anyway enjoy.
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Episode 203: Fall Preview #1.35 Beta

Ok so I didn’t bother to look and see what Ichigo did for the previous show, and to prove that great minds think alike, we did the same show. BUT, my version of the show is so much cooler, one because I did it and two cause I did more, and three Tim and Weltall. So listen in, get some laughs and a differing view point of the upcoming shows.
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Episode 194: A Needless Show!

So Ichigo is still gone this week so I got the guys to come in and join me again. We have some witty banter, and some not so witty banter, review a show, Needless (the title says it all) and discuss what ever we want usually going way off of topic. So listen in and enjoy, its sure to be a good one.

Oh and no excerpt from the Book of Batou this week.
The cool new music video from Monkey Majik
Animenation post on the cool music video
The screwy Korean music video that ripped of Advent Children

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Episode 193: Canaan's Legion

So I actually forgot Ichigo was winging his way down under this week until last night…. Yeah so after a short panic attack I pulled my head out of my arse and…. Um…. I mean I killed Ichigo and now control the show all in an effort to increase my chances to world domination.
Foil Penguins

Excerpt from: The Book of Batou, Becoming The Man.

I don’t know precisely when I realized that they would be my tool, my method of conquering this world. A weapon I never wanted to use because of the cruel efficiency in which it worked. I often thought myself a fool for ever considering them and later a bigger fool for cultivating them into the weapon they became. When did this madness happen? I think in some ways I always knew, but it was as I stood there looking over my horde of warriors ready to march into battle that I truly grasped the fact that it was due to their unrelenting tenacity and loyalty that our path to conquering this world was more than just idle fantasy. Don’t mistake my words, it was not just THEIR efforts, my commander, lieutenants, advisers, comrades and friends that made it possible to make the journey. Of course they thought me more than a little mad when I decided to ally my self with THEM, but they soon saw the outcome with the same unclouded eyes as myself and rejoiced in song, for they knew that we now had our rock that could topple the giants being amassed before us.

As I was saying, I think I always knew they would join me in my efforts, I saw them numerous times growing up and always I gazed with wonder upon them. People used to mock them, laugh at their antics, but what others saw as cute and playful I recognized as training and preparation as well as a natural gift. I saw the truth. As I grew and my trials and tribulations became greater, shaping and molding me, my resolve firmed and I strode valiantly down the path destiny has laid before my feet. This path given as tribute to the vision I was to bring forth.

This Path, this gift, helped further refine the molding I had endured and made me into this damned blood soaked conqueror, many just called me the devil. And I stood before this horde of demons that waited to be unleashed so that they could strike with these lands and thier people with the fury of a divine war. Much like Sherman, all would fall and burn before their ranks. I actually feared what should befall us all if they should turn on me, or if I lost control, I was here to save this world not destroy it. But if condemning them to the horde and my own depravities was what was required to save them from themselves then SO BE IT! And as with the wrath of the gods of old they appeared and marched forth, they were my hands, my will, my legion. First I would unleash upon them my armies, my generals riding forth like the four horseman and their men as of a plague upon the lands.

Many truly did think me mad in the beginning for befriending them, but now… now all know the truth. And even though my task complete and I have fled, exiling myself so that the people of the conquered world could sift through their ashes and spring forth like the phoenix, I keep watch ensuring that they don’t falter. Should they ever do down the path of darkness again we will rise once more. But for now we wait and watch for we are, we were and we always will be, WE ARE LEGION, WE ARE PENGUIN.

Excerpt from: The Book of Batou, Becoming The Man.
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Episode 191: A Magnitude Canaan in Tokyo Releases the Needless Cobra at the Princess Lover

Ichigo is gone this week helping the little tykes at his school become good and proper Eskimos by taking them on a whale hunt. Or some other SQUIRREL!!!!! ________ such things. So Tim and Weltall join me once again for some mayhem. This episode gets a little rough around the edges but still a lot of fun. I give a quick intro to some new series that are just starting, see below for the list of them since I don’t feel like writing them out here. We are Penguin, We are Legion, Viva La Penguin, Viva La Revolution!!!!
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Episode 188: Requiem for a Lost Host, For He is a Phantom

So this week I am all alone, Ichigo is traipsing through the woods acting an ogre, or goblin or some other such thing. Tim was forced into slavery and as such had to work the Sabbath, as for Weltall, hell if I know where he is. My plans for world domination have hit a fairly major snag, turns out that there aren’t enough penguins to mount my envisioned invasion of the world. Now while I could get more, the time and resources involved are currently outside of my grasp. Oh well until then listen to me review Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom.
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