New York Anime Festival and New York Comic Con 2011

The New York Anime Festival and New York Comic Con 2011 was October 14-16 this year at the Javits Center. The attendance was up significantly compared to previous years. This year might have had the largest attendance in the past 4 years.

But while the attendance was up and the size was larger, the Anime Festival portion of the show was smaller than it had been in previous years. If fact it was pushed up into an attic-like section of the convention center that it could be said few knew it existed. It also only seemed to consist of the Artist Alley. At the same time many of the vendors that would have attended the Anime Festival had it been a separate show like it had it years past, would have also attended Comic Con.

As can be seen in the pictures the sizes of the booths and creativity was also up compared to previous years. More game testing, competitions, and free giveaways than ever. Manga and Anime was mixed through out the Comic Con floor. So while the two shows have mixed together to the point where it could just be called the New York Comic Con, anime is not shrinking, but just falling under the umbrella of Comic Con.

Pictures from the New York Anime Festival / Comic Con 2010 Uploaded

New York, NY – Oct 22, 2010 — Pictures from the New York Anime Festival / Comic Con 2010 have been uploaded to the Anime-Pulse photo gallery:

This year the New York Anime Festival and the New York Comic Con conventions were combined into one weekend resulting in an enormous turn out. The two conventions filled the entire Javits Center with comic book vendors, anime vendors, screening rooms, panels, and probably the largest artists alley either show had seen in the past. There were several guests from Japan including the Boom Boom Satellites, who had an autograph session at the Kinokuniya booth. They are probably best known with anime fans from doingthe opening theme song to X’amd: Lost Memories. There was also a large turn out from the gaming industry. Microsoft brought the Kinect for Con goers to try out. Over all the combined conventions had more than anyone could see all of in one weekend. If this combination happens again next year, I strongly recomend you attend.