Episode 854: Ayakashi the Strongest?

This week on Anime Pulse we got otaku bravery, damn good pizza, and degenerate community topics. Up first Joseph reports in on how his Blaze pizza turned out, and Andrew gets a little perverted with this week’s community topic. Then in the industry news we got a full sandwich with the passing of a great, worrisome news about Gainax, and Himmel inspired actions. Lastly we’re back to reviews as Joseph becomes a baby, is thrown out the window, and attracts a sexy wolf. Meanwhile Andrew the ninja is cursed with gender swapping, while attempting to defend his thick thighed childhood friend.

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Episode 853: Spring 2024 Previews #4

This week on Anime Pulse we got Andrew back from Japan, ikemen vampires, and no industry news. Up first Joseph is playing a new game called Songs of Conquest, and Andrew regals us with his trip to Japan. Then in the industry news, there is none! So we quickly get into the final round of previews for the spring 2024 season with Joseph avoiding a boarding house full of quirky people due to his curse of death, and Andrew is reincarnated as the 7th vampire to live in a dormitory full of yuri love songs.

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Episode 852: Spring 2024 Previews #3

This week on Anime Pulse we got even more previews, shaved heads, and community thoughts on the season thus far. Up first Joseph takes the plunge into doing something he has put off for years, and Andrew is relieved that the Anime Pulse website has returned to regular operations. Then in the industry news a new policy for charging foreigners more is debated, Crunchyroll is still the worst, and expressions that hurt others are going away? And lastly in the previews Joseph ends up cringing at a watery goddess after defeating the final boss with an amazing rack on her, and Andrew tries to golf par 8 with kaiju jellyfish at night.

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Episode 851: Spring 2024 Previews #2

This week on Anime Pulse we got more previews, attacking someone over spoilers, and 100 year anniversaries. Up first Joseph quickly mentions his attendance at the 100 year anniversary for is other job, before Andrew goes into community with a question about anime eyes. Then in the industry news Andrew takes it away with a stinky Yu-Gi-Oh event, and a man who got a little too heated after Oshi no Ko was spoiled for him. And finally in the second round of previews Joseph finds himself isekai’d to another world where he becomes young again and begins attending a magical high school, but Andrew on the other hand breaks wind as his family mission has him become a fable.

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Episode 850: Spring 2024 Previews #1

This week on Anime Pulse we got a bunch of previews, very little IRL news, and space ships! Up first Joseph skips the IRL news section with Andrew to go straight into community, which is all about our favorite anime space ships. Then in the industry news, there is one! And finally we have a chungus previews episode to make up for the fact there will be no show next week. Joseph is banished by his goblin family for buying an elf slave, and Andrew takes a train to camp out with a wise wolf.

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Episode 849: 5 Centimeters Senpai

This week on Anime Pulse we got no IRL news, short stacks, and a father takes a really long bike ride. Up first is the community section, because both Joseph and Andrew have zero things to talk about. Then in the industry news it’s a swap as Joseph is the only one with something to mention, and it’s about an old man who rode his bike over 300 miles. And finally in the final reviews before we transition over to previews for the season, Joseph is pouring syrup all over his tiny senpai and Andrew enters into a very long distance relationship with all the drama trappings.

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Episode 848: Ms. Vampire Makes Me OP

This week on Anime Pulse we got the results of Jury Duty, Indian Curry, and the disappearance of anime media. Up first Joseph talks curry and how he faired during his jury duty, and Andrew is excited for his upcoming trip to Japan and talks about his Easter dinner. Then in the industry news we got a single whole topic, but it’s pretty big, 60,000 minutes big to be exact! And in the reviews Joseph breaks the economy with his monster drop ability, and Andrew discovers a loli vampire living in his neighborhood.

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Episode 847: Ten Mob Puru 100

This week on Anime Pulse we got 1000% psycho, a very short community segment, and snow. Up first Joseph had to dig himself out after old man winter took a dump on his lawn, and Andrew took some days off and spent them on family. Then in the industry news the greatest heist of the century sees the villains caught and arrested, and you may get a chance to soon ride the dragon and eat some balls at a park. And finally in the reviews Joseph goes to become a celibate monk but finds a bunch of hot nuns instead, and Andrew reveals he is a psychic with a ????% power level and may be related to Saitama.

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Episode 846: Over the Death and His Sky

This week on Anime Pulse we got fake sausages, a duke with blue balls, and a convicted rapist gets the middle finger. Up first Joseph talks about his experience with Dog Haus and a lovely eight plus mile walk, and Andrew might actually have some IRL news for us this week as he promised last time. Then in the industry news Tokyo’s High Court says it’s ok to call a rapist negative terms, more inaccurate English Dubs, and the good and bad of One-Punch Man season three. And lastly in the reviews Joseph wants to pork his hot blond maid but is cursed with the touch of death, and Andrew attempts to apologize to his girlfriend in the rain but Truck-kun has other ideas.

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Episode 845: My Jobless Story with Reincarnation-kun

This week on Anime Pulse we got to pay our respects to the passing of a legend, eating Yuca, and level 999 love stories. Up first Joseph wanders around for seven miles looking for food, and Andrew is peaking into our music folders for non-OP and non-ED anime music. Then in the industry news we of course talk about how impactful the passing of the Dragon Ball creator has been, and a dumb kid gave away most of his savings to bullies and scammers. And finally in the reviews Joseph goes on a quest to find his mom and cure his ED, and a jaded Andrew log on to an MMO to begin a romance with a guildmate to get back at a former lover.

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