Anime Expo 2008: Industry Notes #2

The 2nd industry panel was a moderated panel.

Technology, Entertainment and Licensing
Ken Iyadomi – President & CEO, Bandai Entertainment
Vu Nyugen – VP Business Development & Strategy, Crunchyroll
Trulee Karahashi – Society for the Promotion of Japanese Anime
Asako Suzuki – Director of Manga, CMX
Moderated by Justin Sevakis, Director of New Media, Anime New Network

Licensing is becoming more, not less, complicated. Multiple parties want approval and control rights about how things are released. The Japanese distributors have no real internet strategy because they fear the impact on DVD sales as well as piracy. Continue reading “Anime Expo 2008: Industry Notes #2”

Anime Expo 2008: Industry notes

We’re here at AX, and so far the con is… lackluster. But there were a couple industry panels today, the 4th, that were interesting. Here is my recap of the first.

Keynote speech by Gen Fukunaga, the President of Funimation.

The Japanese market is the most competitive Anime market in the world, because Manga drives the Anime. This is because Manga is exposed to millions of people first to determine what might be good things to animate. Continue reading “Anime Expo 2008: Industry notes”