Episode 798: Aggressive Chan

This week on Anime Pulse we got recording early on an Easter Sunday, the most un-responded to community topic, and cool French medals. Up first Joseph thinks back on Easter bygone as he fills us in on his completion of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, and Andrew is preparing to travel so we end up doing a much earlier show. Then in the industry news Andrew is quitting Anime Pulse to become a pro Birdie Wing player, and the current president at studio Ghibli retires. And finally in our final reviews episode before we take a small break and then go into the previews, Joseph is yelling at a short stack and her idiot senpai to get on with it and Andrew is burning off his stress singing metal at a karaoke bar with a panda.

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Episode 694: By the Grace of Retsuko

This week on Anime Pulse we got trips to the Emergency Room, edible cups, and angry pandas. Up first is the IRL news with Joseph feeling like death, and Andrew asking us for a little sympathy for some anime characters. Afterwards comes the industry news with two straight shots from Joseph, about a super expensive Rei figurine you can hug and munching on nutty cups. And lastly are the reviews as Joseph raises some slimes, and Andrew starts up an office job with a bunch of anthropomorphized animals.

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Episode 659: Aggressive/Grand Order

This week on Anime Pulse we got aggressive raccoons, the queen of teasing kohais, and catching up on old anime. Up first IRL news sees Joseph ready to play the new Borderlands 3 DLC, and Andrew adjusts his invisible glasses in this weeks discussion thread. Afterwards the news rolls in with KyoAni hiring fresh blood, Ken Akamatsu calls for no foreign interference in anime, and TRIGGER employees finally get their overtime pay. Lastly reviews caps things off with Joseph spending all his saints quartz to summon servant waifus, and Andrew goes back to working in an office with anthropomorphic animals.

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