Episode 478: Spring 2016 Previews #2

Welcome to the second previews show of the 2016 anime season, and a show completely devoid of Ryo. That’s right, the intrepid and often sickly Ryo has taken a bit of a sabbatical to recover. Meanwhile, Red has gotten a guest host from the past to return; Spirewrecker from the 4Player Anime Cast! After a brief reintroduction, Red and Spire kicks things off with IRL news which quickly segues into Industry News which is bursting with content this week! Hentai Manga Authors getting licensed, Anime Authors evading taxes, and the controversy that is the live-action GitS. Afterwards both hosts dig into three more anime from the spring catalogue: Hundred, Kiznaiver, and Big Order. Don’t miss out on this one folks!

Show Notes


Intro – “Disorder” by Yōsei Teikoku from Big Order
Outro – “Eyes On Me” by Rumi Ōkubo and Mayu Yoshioka from Sakamoto desu ga?




Big Order


Tax Evasion & Anime

H-Manga Author & FAKKU

NIS America Cuts Ties

Pokemon Popularity Poll

Tokyo’s Overseas Anime Promotion

Ghost in the Shell Whitewashing

Third Season of Magical Index