Episode 819: Akikan Life in Another World

This week on Anime Pulse we got pineapple in our burgers, unique cheat skills to inspire authors with, and more anime reviews. Up first the IRL news sees Joseph mention he’ll be taking tomorrow off to look at a house, and Andrew is melting in the heat as his A/C is not yet installed. Then in the industry news we learn that old Mr. Anime was a Mistake doesn’t want to stop making movies, there are some upcoming anime announcements, and wearing a tie in Summer sparks outcry in a Japanese city council. And finally in the reviews Joseph is reincarnated into a forest of death where he starts to till the fields and plant his seed, and Andrew cracks open a fresh can of soda and is pulled into a world of carbonated carnage.

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Episode 786: Winter 2023 Previews #1

This week on scuffed Anime Pulse we got the beginning of Winter 2023 previews, legalizing the theft of anime, and the coldest anime ever. Up first IRL news is over and done before you know it as Joseph has only a minor walk to talk about, and then Andrew transitions into the community segment to let in a cold drafty anime featuring a chilling protagonist. Then in the industry news Joseph one again takes a backseat, as Andrew talks about a country saying it’s ok to steal anime and the Aussies try to stop you from summoning a Demon Lord. Finally in the previews Joseph starts up a farm after being killed as the strongest exorcist in another world, and Andrew babysits the young daughter of a mafia boss while uncovering the mystery of a serious of assassinations.

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