Episode 709: The Quintessential One Off

This week on Anime Pulse we got gold Yu-Gi-Oh cards, busty blond foreigners flashing young girls, and a trip back to England. Up first IRL news sees the rise of El Presidente Joseph, and Andrew continues to add FBI agents to our already extensive following. Then in industry news it’s a solo show for Joseph, as he talks about selling the possessions of a jail otaku and the newest leaning tower of meat-sa. And lastly we got more reviews with Joseph becoming increasingly bored of tutoring five identical sisters, and hot blond Australian Andrew hops on a motorcycle and rides around Japan.

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Episode 689: Winter 2021 Previews #4

This week on Anime Pulse we got tooth aches, fast food Japanese deer, and a return to a return by death. Up first IRL news gets Joseph to talk about his potential Wisdom Tooth removal, and Andrew dig into some chocolates to learn who we would like to give and receive some from. Then in industry news Joseph takes a seat at the timelines as Andrew warns us about a new corporation team-up, and feeding leftover veggies and sweets to deer is not cool bro. Lastly is the last preview only show where Joseph goes back to teaching some dumb quintuplets, Andrew has an argument with toilet paper, and the two of them bid a surprising farewell to a floating cat spirit.

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