Episode 823: Another World with my Horimiya

This week on Anime Pulse we got cooking orc and dragon for your fluffy companion, a new problem for tourists heading to Japan, and feeling envious of a fictional character. Up first the IRL news see Joseph being more judgmental of the manga he’s being recommended by overlord YouTube, and Andrew is preparing for visitors. Then in the industry news we’re eating another Joseph sandwich with a slice of Ghibli, a slice of Auctions, and some gooey Monks inside. And finally in the reviews Joseph can use Amazon Prime in another world, and Andrew attempts to explain the romantic pairings of 9 individuals.

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Episode 687: Winter 2021 Previews #2

This week on Anime Pulse we got our favorite anime families, the most oppressed anime gamer ever, and getting strict on cosplayers in Japan. Up first IRL news with Joseph drowning in trading cards, and Andrew would like us to be adopted by a selected list of families in anime. Then in industry news we get in topics like the 2nd cancelation of Sakura-Con, some top shonen villains, and new laws are underway to make cosplaying unprofitable. And lastly another round of previews, as Joseph is reincarnated into a jobless slime and Andrew reveals that life is the hardest game of all as he juggles his high school romances.

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