Episode 691: The God of School Idol Doukoukai

This week on Anime Pulse we got Sakura Cinnabons, Favorite Character Arcs, and Nico Nico Nii~ Up first Joseph has picked up Magic the Gathering again, and Andrew shows off his part-time devil manga. Afterwards industry news rolls in with free repairs for damaged figurines, a cute Good Smile video, and Crunchyroll pissing off our community with their awards show. And rounding us out are the reviews as Joseph watches the world burn as a bunch of high schoolers try to become god, and idol Andrew-Chan makes a comeback with his hit new single.

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Episode 674: Fall 2020 Previews #3

This week on Anime Pulse we got fake burgers, favorite monsters in anime, and Norio Wakamoto. Up first IRL news has Joseph grinding away on the FGO Halloween event, and Andrew wants us to specify more traditional monsters in anime that ranked in our top picks. Afterwards the industry news brings us Jamie Marchi being a super Karen, delicious yellow burger patties, and the forgotten half-brother of Jack Black showing underaged fans his weiner. Finally in our third week of previews Joseph saves a super cute monster girl from a shitty farmer, and Andrew tries to be a high school idol while performing a rap battle that can kill.

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