Episode 834: Santa to Another Company for a Second Time

This week on Anime Pulse we got the annual Anime Pulse Christmas Gift Exchange, the worst anime of 2023, and Pro Mercy Joseph. Up first the IRL news has Joseph tooting his own horn about his Mercy game in Overwatch 2, and Andrew has been up and down the country all week long while playing a Meteoroid game on the 3DS. Then in the industry news there’s just one thing worth mentioning, and that’s a big name in anime who think he’s still got plenty more to learn. And lastly in the reviews Joseph wonders why isekai protagonists would prefer magic and monsters over plumbing and showers, and Andrew is training to be the best Santa there ever was.

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Episode 800: Spring 2023 Previews #2

This week on Anime Pulse we got a whooper of a show today, as we celebrate our 800th show with guests from the community, previews from the spring season, and a little industry news. Up first Joseph and Andrew brush aside the IRL news and industry news to talk with the community, introduce them, and cover the community answers to this week’s topic. After waving goodbye to the community and saying our fond farewells, we go over a little Q&A sent into us by non-live community members before wrapping up with the previews as usual. Joseph is reincarnated into the body of a recently murdered teenager, only to be summoned to another world to stop a war. Andrew on the other hand awakens in the body a sacrificial maiden in a fantasy novel, and needs to avoid a way of being a plot device for the true protagonist.

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