Episode 847: Ten Mob Puru 100

This week on Anime Pulse we got 1000% psycho, a very short community segment, and snow. Up first Joseph had to dig himself out after old man winter took a dump on his lawn, and Andrew took some days off and spent them on family. Then in the industry news the greatest heist of the century sees the villains caught and arrested, and you may get a chance to soon ride the dragon and eat some balls at a park. And finally in the reviews Joseph goes to become a celibate monk but finds a bunch of hot nuns instead, and Andrew reveals he is a psychic with a ????% power level and may be related to Saitama.

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Episode 812: Summer 2023 Previews #3

This week on Anime Pulse we got the fastest shipping in the West, the most overly complicated answers to the weekly topic, and a man who is so horny he tries to become a monk. Up first Joseph’s IRL news is actually brief for once as he only mentions in passing of his failure to acquire his CPU but purchase of the new PC Case, and Andrew sets us up the bomb with a weekly topic that causes more harm than good. Then in the industry news it’s a solo Andrew run with a new type of Sexuaility being founded, and a top ten list of the best anime with lots of PLOT. And finally in the previews we got Joseph giving up on the love of his life to become a monk at a nunnery, meanwhile Andrew attempts to solve a vampire murder mystery while checking off his bucket list during a zombie outbreak.

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