Episode 831: The Aristocrat’s One Adventure: Serving Piece

This week on Anime Pulse we got OP boat summoning, Senran Kagura girls in a ship game, and Live Action best seller ideas. Up first Joseph has found himself trying harder than he thought he would in a new Azur Lane event, and Andrew hurts his teeth on some chicken. Then in the industry news a dad turns in his criminal son after being thwarted by a man catcher, an anime directors says the industry is done for, and something about an anime for Dandadan. And lastly we’re back to full on reviews with a reincarnated Joseph avoiding being molested by two princesses and an elf, while Andrew turned on RTX mode and took to the seas to become a pirate.

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Episode 801: Spring 2023 Previews #3

This week on Anime Pulse we got Heroes of Might and Magic V, planning on how to kill your classmates, and Pokemon Cards are now banned to adults. Up first Joseph talks about finishing Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and starting the worst Heroes game ever, meanwhile Andrew has been traveling up and down and wants to know how we’d go about changing something in anime to make it better. Then in the industry news we got topics like a life sized figure with soft skin, the creator of One Piece is refusing to green-light the live action movie, and new rules regarding the sale of Pokemon cards. Lastly in the previews Joseph is isekai’d to a world without a god and saves a thirsty princess and her thirsty best friend from some monsters, and Andrew is just a small town girl moving to the big city while fantasizing about killing their classmates.

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