Episode 475: The Airplane Over Your Head Show

Still no live show? What the heck man! This isn’t what I pay no money for! Sheesh, what a lazy bunch of bums. That’s right, it’s another week and another episode of Anime Pulse coming right at ya. Like a bad joke, it just flies right over your head because you just don’t get it. Speaking of which, Tokyo Ghoul Root A. Now there’s a joke of an anime, and boy howdy does Ryo have some words to say about it. Red chimes in too on their joint review of the season, but in the end the two hosts have somewhat different opinions on its final rating. Aside from the review, we got news about France banning Doraemon and a “How to Draw Manga” book that’s all about the panties. But before any of that happens, Ryo and Red fill you in on what’s been going down in their lives.

Show Notes


Intro – Munō by österreich from Tokyo Ghoul Root A
Outro – REASON by  Yuzu from Hunter x Hunter 2011


Tokyo Ghoul Root A – Burn it (Ryo) & Netflix (Red)


New Card Captor Sakura

Top Anime Narcissists

Doraemon banned in France?

How to Draw Panties