Episode 684: Uzaki-chan wa Godfathers

This week on Anime Pulse we got the dream jobs of Japanese elementary students, the best anime of 2020 according to us, and giant boobies are all it takes to be a download now. Up first IRL news has Joseph shaking things up with his online persona, and Andrew wants to know what our 2021 anime resolutions are. Then in the Industry News the topics crossing our lane include dream jobs of Japanese children, and studio Ghibli losing its grip on being number one. Finally the reviews have Joseph putting up with an annoying kohai with huge knockers, and Andrew sends a severed horse head to his enemies after finding a baby in a dumpster.

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Episode 663: Summer 2020 Previews #4

This week on Anime Pulse we got Sugoi Dekai, terrible official artwork for Naruto, and spending too much money on gatcha. First up Joseph tries to drink himself into forgetting all the dosh he spent on trying to obtain a 2D Waifu, and Andrew joins Joseph in drinking all sorts of beverages for this week’s forum topic. Afterwards comes the news where a Florida Congressman talks out his ass, and Viz Media hired Ted from accounting’s son to do their official cover art for Naruto. Lastly the previews see Joseph and Andrew being teased by a busty kohai, Joseph checking monster girls for lumps in their breasts, and Andrew inherits a studio and hires some pretty boys.

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