VGPulse 21: Clash at Demonhead

To start things up this season Doctor Claw left Rhynoo a message he thinks we stole his cat. He’s right we did sorry man but it was rush week at Hyrule University and we are pledging Beta, and as you know Ganon runs things now so what are you doing to do. It’s a new Season and new semester so join Rhynoo on the quad for some BBQ and smash bros. Dean of student gaming affairs, Rainy will be happy to help you with all your gaming need. Don’t forget to stop by Professor ShakeLOVE’s bar and grill where Ladies drink free from 7-9 every night. Don’t forget your student ID and pay no cover Sex Bob-omb plays LIVE all weekend. Continue reading VGPulse 21: Clash at Demonhead

VG Pulse 20.5: I Think he Said he was from London or Whatever

First off congratulations to Ichigo we wish many years of bliss. This week is a mini show we where plagued by sound issues and retakes. It’s rubbish but I did not want to make you wait another week. Anyway Rhynoo talks about being easy and then I tell the world how he was fired by UPS. Nothing really different in the world of VG Pulse. Sorry for the crap sound we fixed the issue since. Continue reading VG Pulse 20.5: I Think he Said he was from London or Whatever

Manga Pulse 141: Neon Greek Style

Fresh back from Valhalla and ready for more adventures, the Enchanter and Weltall tackle emails… 2 weeks worth, and it leads to many rants and many adventures. Tune in to this exciting episode. Same Pulse Time, Same Pulse Channel

Neon Genesis Evangelion Angelic Days – Even if you receive it as a present, burn the book and piss on the ashes.
Neon Genesis Evangelion – Read it at Borders. Continue reading Manga Pulse 141: Neon Greek Style

VG Pulse 20: Anime Pulse VG 20

Ichigo is here because someone told him what was going on around here (note: put horse head in Rhynoo’s bed). While he’s here he reviewed Love Plus+ and pitched his new Food NetworkJP show. Well I have to get these Wii’s on the streets of Hong Kong by Midnight. Enjoy the show thanks for playing to all you that won swag from us on twitter.There is just one more thing HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAINY.
Please leave feedback Continue reading VG Pulse 20: Anime Pulse VG 20