VG Pulse 20: Anime Pulse VG 20

Ichigo is here because someone told him what was going on around here (note: put horse head in Rhynoo’s bed). While he’s here he reviewed Love Plus+ and pitched his new Food NetworkJP show. Well I have to get these Wii’s on the streets of Hong Kong by Midnight. Enjoy the show thanks for playing to all you that won swag from us on twitter.There is just one more thing HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAINY.
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Show Hosts,
ShakeLOVE, Rhynoo, Rainy and Ichigo
This is the last VG Pulse in M4a format we will be switching to Mp3.

Opening: Evangelion opening theme
Middle: Happy Birthday Rainy – Composed by Near

Love Plus Plus – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers

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