VGPulse 21: Clash at Demonhead

To start things up this season Doctor Claw left Rhynoo a message he thinks we stole his cat. He’s right we did sorry man but it was rush week at Hyrule University and we are pledging Beta, and as you know Ganon runs things now so what are you doing to do. It’s a new Season and new semester so join Rhynoo on the quad for some BBQ and smash bros. Dean of student gaming affairs, Rainy will be happy to help you with all your gaming need. Don’t forget to stop by Professor ShakeLOVE’s bar and grill where Ladies drink free from 7-9 every night. Don’t forget your student ID and pay no cover Sex Bob-omb plays LIVE all weekend.

Hosts this show: Professor ShakeLOVE, Dean Rainy and Rhynoo
We have extras this week for the iPhone App check it out. Happy Birthday Mario a little late

Start:Universal 8bit theme – Scott Pilgrim Movie SoundTrack
Opening: Threshold – Sex Bob-omb Scott Pilgrim Movie SoundTrack
Ending: Another Winter – Scott Pilgrim the Video Game SoundTrack

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World – See it Now
Scott Pilgrim Vs The World the Video Game – Play it now
It’s by Ubisoft and Available as a stand alone download via XBoxLIVE Arcade or PSN Network

-If your a gamer you really must read the Scott Pilgrim series get them now on Amazon or Download from the Scott Pilgrim App to your iOS Device.-

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