VG Pulse 20.5: I Think he Said he was from London or Whatever

First off congratulations to Ichigo we wish many years of bliss. This week is a mini show we where plagued by sound issues and retakes. It’s rubbish but I did not want to make you wait another week. Anyway Rhynoo talks about being easy and then I tell the world how he was fired by UPS. Nothing really different in the world of VG Pulse. Sorry for the crap sound we fixed the issue since.

Hosts this episode: ShakeLOVE, Rhynoo and Rainy
No Anime Pulse App extras this week. Did you get the hidden extra from last week ?

Opening: Tap Tap Revenge – Stroke 9
download Tap Tap Revenge for all iOS device in the app store.
Ending:Vamo’ Alla Flamenco – The Black Mages

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  1. Ummm, I actually went to the forums, and you don’t have any threads on there? Where do people comment?

    Anyway, I hope someone reads comments here. One of the listeners thought up a game where you play as a homeless guy in the post apocalypse, and that reminded me of the “Condemned 2: Bloodshot” game. Not exactly, the same, but it has that feel of bumfights.

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