Ichigo's Travels Part 2: Philadelphia through Ragnarok

Ok, ok. I know, I’m way behind on these updates. All I can say is sorry and jump right into it.

After NYC, we went to Philadelphia to see the birthplace of the nation, and visit Marajsky. First off, the Liberty Bell.

After that we went through Independence Hall, where the documents were signed.

On our way out from Independence hall we stumbled upon a Jesus freak rally protesting a gay pride parade. Good times.

We met up with Mara and Bryan, her hubby, after that. Unfortunately I’m an idiot and forgot to take a picture of them. Anyways, we walked like two miles through the heat to Geno’s cheesesteaks and had the authentic Philly experience… And my friends John, Devon and I all had some gastrointestinal distress later that evening. But at least we got a side of patriotism with our cheesesteaks.

Then we walked around the historic mile some more and checked out the Independence Seaport Museum. It was a cool museum, but I would avoid it. Management was downright rude. It was super hot outside, and there was some sort of pier festival going on outside. This girl came in with her friends to visit the gift shop and collapsed, hitting her arm on the wall and injuring it. I gave her some water and told one of her friends to get a wet cloth from the bathroom for her head. Then the manager comes up and tells me “Don’t be letting people use my facilities” and then proceeds to tell the girl and their friends that he’s closing in 10 minutes and they had better be out of there by then. What an ass. I was absolutely disgusted by his total lack of concern for another human being.

After that we hit the City Tavern for dinner. It’s a period establishment where they make their own beers, very nice.

Full Philly album here:


Then I flew off to Reno, where my sister picked me up and took me to Lake Tahoe, CA. After being up for 12 hours, and then running 4 hours of errands, we did a 5.5mi backpack into the “Desolation Wilderness”. Sounds pretty inviting, right? It was actually really beautiful area.

Then the next day my sister informed me that we were in fact not going out the same way, but were hiking out over a pass or two, which was about 14 miles. Luckily we took a shortcut down the side of a mountain and probably shaved a couple miles off of that. Although it was a good time, I was totally worked by the end.


Bummed around Tahoe City for a few days, went kayaking on the lake one of the days, mountain biking another. And then we left for Yosemite.

We got a backpacking permit, which let us stay in the backpacker’s campground the night before.

Then we hiked in the next day from Glacier point, crossed Illiouette falls, Nevada falls and hiked up the base of Half dome. We found the best campsite known to man.

We slept there and then in the morning went up Half dome. That was a good time, although Robin freaked the hell out of me by running right up to the edge of the drop (around 4000 feet to the valley floor).

After playing around there for a bit we hiked back down, collected our packs and hiked out. It was about 20 miles total, 10 each day. Plus the whole elevation gain and loss.

Full Yosemite Album below:


After recovering from Yosemite (which was amazing), I flew out to Columbus, OH. My friend Corey picked me up and we headed an hour east to Cambridge, where at the Spring Valley campground was held Ragnarok XXIII, a Dagorhir event. Think week-long renaissance/fantasy fair where no one is in civvies, and we beat on each other during the day (and night sometimes) and drink during the night. It was amazingly fun. I was Zagar, an orc of Mordor. It was good times.


After that it was back to Boulder for three days to do laundry, change out clothes for Japan stuff, and then off to LA. I’m currently at Anime Expo in downtown LA, and on Sunday I fly out for Tokyo. Wish me luck!

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  1. Well I’m glad you had fun it Philly, sorry that you and your friends got a bit sick, I guess you were not use to all the grease in the steaks. Don’t worry I got sick too, but it was from the heat! Have fun in Japan!!

  2. wow. amazing. 🙂 How do you have all these friends from all over the states??! I am sort of jealous you got to go to so many cool and beautiful places. 😛 😀 Glad you had fun tho.

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