I have arrived

I’m currently sitting in my tiny hotel room in Ikebukuro, having been up over 24 hours, checking email and watching the “Wall Crash” game show on tv. I’m going to get some food, take a bath and then go to sleep. I’ll try to have some pictures for you all tomorrow after I stroll around Tokyo a bit.

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0 Replies to “I have arrived”

  1. Ah, you’ve discovered ‘Tokyo Friends Park II.’ One of my favorites – mainly because it’s the only thing I can watch and actually follow what’s going on. ;p

  2. Wanspell, I was not being mean. I just noticed that as I’m running out the door for work, all the news headlines say that. I was overjoyed Ichigo made it.

  3. Glad you made it! I’d be going there on a school trip next year, but graduating’s kind of important >_>. Anyway, enjoy your time there!

  4. I want to go to japan!!
    watch lots of anime!
    and give us daily reports!!
    hope u have fun!!
    even if it’s hot

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