Stars shine on natural disaster

On May 12th 2008 in the Sichuan province in china there was an earthquake that took the lives of 69,196 people. This tradgedy makes its mark in the history books as the 19th most deadly eartquake of all time. The most deadliest earthquake of all time was Tangshan China in 1976 with 242,419 dead.

On June 26th 2008 Judy Ongg (a taiwanese singer, actress, novelist. Living in Japan) held a press conference announceing the heart aid shisen charity event. This event will be held July 14th in Tokyo to raise money for survivors of the earthquake.

Judy Ongg created heart aid with the help of Japanese promoter Jiro Uchino, (The man who brought the beatles to Japan) after the Chichi earthquake in Taiwan back in 1999. Now they are using it to help others affected by such disasters. Helping to coproduce the show is Jackie Chan who has done similar events in the past weeks.

Heart Aid's principal performers

If you would like to support this you candonate to the red crosshere.

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Sichuan Wiki

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