A new magazine in town?

When the news came that Newtype USA would be ceasing publication many fans were shocked. For a lot of fans Newtype USA was a one stop Mag for Anime, Manga and more. you couldn’t wait to see who would be on this months cover or what poster was inside. But what all the anime fans wanted was the DVD inside with three free episodes of new shows to watch. So to say we were sad to see Newtype USA go would be an understatement.

After the fall of Newtype USA a new magazine rose to take its place, that magazine was PIQ. Though it was a good magazine it couldn’t fill its predecessor’s shoes, and was canceled after only a few issues.

Now there is another contender being brought to life by Ex-Newtype USA editor-in-chief Gary Steinman. Steinman is currently the executive editor of Futures PlayStation: the Official Magazine. Its called Future Anime and its being published for a one-off magazine this summer. Its sporting a Gurren Lagann front cover and 12 poster’s, but there will be no DVD. The staff will gauge the magazines popularity and if its positive the publisher will pick up the magazine for a full launch.


Piq Magazine

Anime News Network

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  1. I liked NewType for the posters and artwork, as well as the articles. Personally, I never really liked the dvd episodes since they were often dubbed. Hopefully, the art is just as good in this new series.

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