Mythwear Officially out of Bussiness

Mythwear was a licensed Anime apparel retailer most known for it’s Anime shoulder bags. The company launched back in 2001 and quickly accrued a mass of licenses to manufacture Anime apparel like bags and wallets. Some series they had rights to were Full Metal Alchemist, Hellsing, and Gravitation.

Back in 2007 the Mythwear site suddenly and mysteriously went down with no way to contact the company. As a result Distributor Right Stuf ceased carrying Mythwear’s products and Nozomi Entertainment (the licensing division of Right Stuf) pulled their merchandising rights of their shows from Mythwear.

Just recently an update to the Mythwear site has been put up by company founder Jean-Binh Valente. In this letter was a farewell to fans and Customers. In the letter two main reasons are given for the closing of Mythwear. One reason is his failing health. And the other is the bankruptcy of the Musicland group whom had owed Mythwear a significant amount of money.

Hellsing BagGungrave bag

Anime News Network
Mythwear Site

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  1. Aww!!!! Well, thanks for the info. I loved thier bags, so durable!! And was wondering why i couldnt find much on them anymore. guess there was a reason for that. Soooo sad!!!! Thanks T_T

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