JLPT Level 2: Passed!

So I just got my notification in the mail. I took the level 2 JLPT test on December 7th and passed! I passed by the skin on my teeth, but I still passed. The passing level was 240 out of 400 and I passed with 272. I thought you had to pass each section, but apparently you only had to pass on the total score. My reading/grammer score was 5 points below the 60% cutoff, but I still passed. And here is the proof:
JLPT Pass Notification

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0 Replies to “JLPT Level 2: Passed!”

  1. Way to go dude! You totally rocked that exam!

    *Dies from using such slang*

    Redirecting from it, congrats on being profficient in many languages, it really does help you in life… and you sir are fine proof of this!

  2. Am I alone in thinking Ichigo looks like a rapist in that picture?

    ::erases memory::

    I can’t stand seeing what my favorite podcasters look like. It always ruins the mental image I’ve created based on their voice.

    Congrats on passing the test!

  3. Congrads Ichigo.
    It really is a nice picture… dame. I want to smile on my ID pictures…
    You knew when you said you probably failed I didn’t belief you when you said you would fail.
    Great Job.

    I’m using the main site… You see. You see.

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