The Gundam at Odaiba

So, I spent some time with the Gundam. We got up close and personal, I hesitate to call it a “thing”, but there was a connection there. I approached slowly.

He (I think of him as a he) extended his hand.

I looked at his legs that went alllll the way up.

And then we touched (well, I touched him).

It was touching (yes folks I’ll be here all year).

He posed for some glamor shots.

And even some closeups.

He was so photogenic I didn’t even need airbrushing.

After moving his head around, I got him all worked up and he got so hot he was literally smoking.

Yeah, it was good for me too.

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  1. Great shots! They should have shot fire out of the rocket boosters too on the back 🙂 Looks better at night with all the lights on from the pics.

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