AP Network reviewed on PodcastSquared

Our three shows have been reviewed over at Podcast Squared and it includes an interview with yours truly. Andrew, the host, makes some good points about all the shows, so go check it out.

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  1. Something I posted on in response to the show this is linked to.

    “Ok this is something you may not know about Manga Pulse. This show has evolved around what its listeners have wanted in the show. what you call as random rants is what most of its listeners find enjoyable. If you went back and listened to some of the very early episodes of manga pulse your would find that more anime pulse style shows, but over the last 100 episodes the show has changed to what the listeners of the shows have wanted. I understand it may not be what you want in a podcast, but it is something I enjoy. I think a show that a show that can adapt to what its fans what is far better then a show that does something the same forever.


    Tim is short for Tim the Enchanter. from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. How could you not know of that movie? “

  2. I thought this guy was right on the money. I totally agree with the manga pulse assessment. The hosts of MP might be responding to what their listeners want to hear, but if you’re looking to download a podcast that honestly reviews manga as its purpose and focus, I don’t think it’s the podcast you’re looking for. I truly enjoy listening to AP and look forward to it each week. I loved the interview you did, Ichigo. Keep up the good work!

  3. The main dude (don’t know his name :P) reminds me of a tv chef when he’s describing Ichigo and Bato. Also did anyone else laugh when he said the Manga pulse guys were scary? XD

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