Activision Ends Guitar Hero franchice

Activision announced on Tuesday that they will be dissolving the Guitar Hero business unit. This means that the Guitar Hero 2011 game and the DJ Hero 2011 game are no longer in production. They went on and further said that they will continue to support all “Hero” games that have all ready been released. Activision stated that the reason for this unfortunate decision was the declining sale in the music genre over the last two years.

Activision said this on the Guitar blog
Fans, players and owners of “Hero,” as you may have read today, due to continued declines in the music genre, we have decided to disband our Guitar and DJ Hero business unit and discontinue development of our Hero games for 2011. We’re aware this may raise some questions and have tried to answer the more common ones below. If you have questions or issues that the FAQ does not answer, please contact customer service.

Guitar Blog
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