Episode 816: Jobless Rent-a-Pastor

High-low! It’s Andrew (just me) with a (mostly) solo episode of Anime Pulse. This week we got best original animes, a potential light at the end of the tunnel for one delayed show and some chunky cool new mechas. Then on the gatai segment Joseph goes to Isekai Fantasy school with a lovable Saint while Andrew makes the worst rental of his life (no refunds).

P.s I also get pretty drunk by the end but I have edited out the long pauses for an improved experience…

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Episode 776: Fall 2022 Previews #4

This week on Anime Pulse I’m alone and frightened. Joseph has gotten into the Halloween spirit and ghosted me (due to CO̶̰̯̩̔̒́͗̾͜VID). There’s talk of anime movies, new fantasy anime on the way, the Simpsons still existing and much more. For community I ask you what horror themed anime you can come up with but I discover in my previews, that the true h̴̻̩͖̳͆orror is the garbage romc̶̳̍̽̉͋ͅò̷̱͓̝̅̊͝m anime I watched along the way.

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Episode 766: Summer 2022 Previews #6

Hey there Anime Pulse listeners, it is I, Andrew! Usurping the throne that is the Anime Pulse host for the week I have also summoned a heero from the community to serve as a guest. We start of with some introductions from Heero also going by Matthew as he talks about his anime experience and what he’s been up to lately. For the industry news Matthew covers developments for anime live events, from the Crunchyroll Awards to a new iteration of Anime Expo, meanwhile talk about the final nail in the coffin that was the Vic Mignogna defamation lawsuit. Finally there’s the Previews where Heero pursues romance in the healthiest way possible, with money. While Andrew covers both ends of the spectrum of romance anime, both pure and not so pure.

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Episode 717: Skull-face Bookseller Dynazenon

We got a really special episode of Anime Pulse for you this week. While Joseph is taking a well deserved break, veteran host RyoWei247 returns as a guest! We hear what she’s been up to recently before delving into the community and forum topic about favorite Male Tsunderes. The news segment is actually pretty shounen centric with light hearted, heavy and concerning stories. Of course to top it off there’s the reviews, with Ryo’s covering an anime about a skull faced bookseller and Andrew covers the anticipated sequel to SSSS.Gridman. (while drinking far too much…) Of course there’s some tangents and general banter as well given that this episode clocks in at around 2hrs and 25mins. Oops…

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EPISODE 700: Anniversary Special Edition

Wow, another episode with two ‘0’s’ in a row! Let’s celebrate! On this very special episode of Anime Pulse we talk about our experience on the show as well as a trip down memory lane with you, the listeners (and some special guests). There’s some Q&A, a competition announcement, awards and finally me and Joseph talk a little bit about our favorite anime. Here’s to another 100!

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Episode 665.5: Encouragement of ReLIFE

Hello, Andrew here. Joseph’s on holiday this week so we’re down to half of the hosts but (hopefully) not half the fun. The forum question this week is about anime that aged poorly the second time round. With news there’s Gundam and other anime being made available for free topped off with everyone’s favorite salt-mining college Kouhai getting immortalized in Saitama. Finally in the the reviews, Andrew relives his youth with a magic pill to climb mountains.

Special thanks to MillenniumX17, Ryowei247 and Joseph in helping me get this episode up.

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