SDCC Interview with (Hagio Moto)

Greetings everyone. In place of an AP show this week I offer this interview of Hagio Moto. We were lucky in that Weltall was able to get an interview with this pioneer of shojo manga. I have undertaken the transcription of the Japanese portion of the conversation, for those interested. The translator that was provided was very good. In addition to translation Ms. Hagio’s answers he also added some extra context as he felt was needed. I only transcribed the questions and the Japanese section of the interview.
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Nimble Strong, a game by Adam Ghahramani

In this special interview, I talk with Adam Ghahramani, creator of, the “Art of Otaku” how to draw guide, and most recently, the creator of the hottest new iPhone game, Nimble Strong: Bartender in Training.

With this game you too can learn to be a great bartender and get the career you’ve always wanted, or just have a ton of fun. With voice acting by Kyle Hebert and music created by Michael Huang, you’ll be sure to enjoy this game. So check out the interview to get the down and dirty details.

Intro Music – Mixing Theme from the Soundtrack
Outro Music – Main Theme from the Soundtrack

Sakura-con 2008: Roland Kelts

We’re proud to present you an interview with Roland Kelts. He is a lecturer at Tokyo University and author of the book “Japanamerica: How Japanese pop culture has invaded the US”. We talk a lot about cultural and business differences between the US and Japan. I really enjoyed talking with him and I hope you enjoy this great interview.

Japanamerica Book

Ichigo with Roland

Sakura-con 2008: Yutaka Izubuchi

We’re proud to present you an interview with one of my personal heroes, Yutaka Izubuchi. His record speaks for himself, but just the fact that he is responsible for the creation and designs of my favorite series, RahXephon is enough to make me giddy. So I hope you enjoy this.

Anime News Network

Ichigo with Izubuchi-san