Episode 645: Chostars

This week on Anime Pulse the guys are still alive in these trying times, here to bring you some needed relief with reviews, news, and general chit chat from the past week. Up first is the IRL news as Joseph is pretty moot on the new FGO campaign, and Andrew wants to know if an anime’s fan base has ever altered your perspective on an anime. Then come the industry news with Joseph listing off the top manga sought to be made into an anime, and Andrew chimes in on the closures and cancelations from the past week. And finally they dig into some reviews with Joseph becoming Prime Minister in a new world, and Andrew is totally not a furry but…

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Episode 626: Fall 2019 Previews #4

Visual fidelity, female crotch grabbing, and french meatball kisses. All these topics and more can be found in this weeks episode of Anime Pulse, but first, IRL news with Joseph going without power during a wind storm and Andrew seeking out our favorite rivals in anime. Afterwards the two dig into the industry news, with Joseph pouring one out for a fallen Rem figurine and Andrew discusses the legality behind trying to copyright dance moves. And finally the show rounds things out with more previews, as Joseph crashes on another world with a group of valkyries and Andrew hits on a literal bunny girl while working 9 to 5.

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