Episode 546: A Clocksmith’s Wet Dream

Joseph and Andrew are back with their second ever joint review, this one with the question of “what if the world was a clock?” in mind. Before we get to that though, Joseph bought a handful of new video games and Andrew saw the new Marvel movie about a black cat. Industry news also comes ahead of the joint review, with topics like a mangaka who think piracy isn’t totally to blame for the poor sales of manga and Goku has a new power level.

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Episode 504: Spring 2017 Previews Part 1

Do you guys smell something burning? Because just as this week’s episode begins, Red must run off to turn off an oven he left running; and boy are his legs tired. (Sorry) Anyways, previews start off normal with some IRL news. Red stayed up all night to take his father to hand surgery, and Ryo has a new boyfriend. Industry news has a follow up to some news Red covered about wanting to bang your mother, and Ryo informs us that the stage play Attack on Titan has been canceled. After all is said and done the previews begin, with Red and Ryo bringing a whole four anime to the table. Hope you’re hungry.
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