Episode 507: Joker no Rinne

Happy Mother’s day everyone! This week Red and Ryo are blazing through the show so Ryo can spend some time with her mommy, so apologies in advance for the run time. It is a full show however with some IRL news about Red possibly visiting Ryo, Industry news about anime moms and motivation killing, and Red reviewing a Rumiko Takahashi work and Ryo giving a temporary review of Joker Game.

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Episode 477: Spring 2016 Previews #1

Welcome to another episode of Anime Pulse, this week brought to you by the empty amphitheater that Ryo apparently decided to record from. Technical difficulties aside, this is the first previews show of the Spring 2016 season. We’ve got IRL updates from both of the hosts, industry news about cats and ideal body types, and then the previews of which there are four in total. We’ll be doing two of these shows this season, and then possibly taking a week off while Ryo recovers from near death via finals.

Show Notes


Intro – Coolest by Customi-Z from Sakamoto desu ga?
Outro – Nakushita Hibi ni Sayonara by SuneoHair from Sakamoto desu ga?


Joker Game

Sakamoto desu ga?

The Lost Village

Shonen Maid


Cat Cafe Shut Down

Japanese Men Ideal Female Body