Episode 507: Joker no Rinne

Happy Mother’s day everyone! This week Red and Ryo are blazing through the show so Ryo can spend some time with her mommy, so apologies in advance for the run time. It is a full show however with some IRL news about Red possibly visiting Ryo, Industry news about anime moms and motivation killing, and Red reviewing a Rumiko Takahashi work and Ryo giving a temporary review of Joker Game.

Show Notes


Intro – “Ōkaranman” by Keytalk from Kyōkai no Rinne

Outro – “Double by MAGIC OF LiFE from Joker Game


Kyōkai no Rinne – Netflix

Joker Game – Download Now


Superb Anime Mothers

Anime to Kill Motivation

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3 Replies to “Episode 507: Joker no Rinne”

  1. Just a quick note; King’s Quest is a Sierra Entertainment (owned by Activision) game, not Telltale Games. That’s biggest reason it wouldn’t feel like a Telltale game.

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