Episode 685: Whisker Away no Futekigousha

This week on Anime Pulse we got tasty KFC sandwiches, the best 2020 openings and endings, and ahegao hoodies. Up first Joseph is having problems with his refrigerator, and Andrew polls the community for their top picks of best OPs and EDs. Afterwards industry news has a new collab for Mister Donut, COVID-chan ruining some winter fun, and having big manly tears appear thanks to an anime movies. Lastly are the reviews with Joseph being the best demon lord ever but ranked the worst, and Andrew turns into a cat to earn the affection of his husbando.

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Episode 660: Summer 2020 Previews #1

This week on Anime Pulse we got anime sound tracks, Amazon denying Light Novel readers a chance to finish, and a reincarnated demon lord kills a guy by snapping his fingers. Up first IRL news gets Joseph talking about cleaning house, and Andrew questions our taste in anime music. Afterwards Joseph skimps out on the industry news, leaving Andrew all along to talk about Amazon kicking some Light Novels to the curb and a saga of romance series get an anime. Lastly we’re back to previews as Joseph and Andrew do a joint rant I mean preview of the depressing life of Subaru season 2, and then both do one solo preview with Joseph gushing over an overpowered demon lord and sweet talker Andrew being swindled out of a deal.

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