Episode 657: Science Fell in Love So All Routes Lead to Doom

This week on Anime Pulse we got anime on Pornhub, breaking smartphones, and overcoming your death flag by becoming the main heroine. Up first IRL news gets us started with Joseph upgrading his house and spending money, meanwhile Andrew is interested in knowing what reverse harem anime we would rate at the top. (Or have seen at all) Then in the industry news an amalgamation of Ash and Yugi sells condoms, and Andrew is psyched to tell us all about how Ero-Manga Sensei is doing really well. Lastly the reviews see us out with Joseph proving that love does not in fact exist, and Andrew gets the harem ending in an isekai to avoid death.

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Episode 648: Spring 2020 Previews #2

Boy, sure is getting sparse this season. No? Well delayed anime or not the Anime Pulse guys keep the spirits high, previewing more anime from what is left of the Spring 2020 season. First up IRL news gets Joseph hyping himself up for a mid-life crisis computer build, and Andrew is disappoint in anime. Yes, that was an altered meme. Afterwards comes industry news which is over rather quickly, with a Jump magazine looking for horny isekai and more delays in the anime world. And lastly come the previews as Joseph climbs a tower to be the next top chef, and Andrew gets reborn in another world to date guys while recovering from amnesia.

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