Episode 676: Return By Death

This week on Anime Pulse we got translation discrepancies, killing yourself to save your waifus, and shouting attacks. Up first IRL news brings us Joseph recovering from a cold, and Andrew asks us to shout our favorite iconic attacks in anime. Afterwards we get to Industry News with topics like old man Miyazaki being an asshole, thieving otakus, and a new way to campaign in Brazil brings Japan to the forefront. And lastly this week we’re doing things a little differently, as Andrew and Joseph recap and talk about the second season of Re:Zero.

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Episode 660: Summer 2020 Previews #1

This week on Anime Pulse we got anime sound tracks, Amazon denying Light Novel readers a chance to finish, and a reincarnated demon lord kills a guy by snapping his fingers. Up first IRL news gets Joseph talking about cleaning house, and Andrew questions our taste in anime music. Afterwards Joseph skimps out on the industry news, leaving Andrew all along to talk about Amazon kicking some Light Novels to the curb and a saga of romance series get an anime. Lastly we’re back to previews as Joseph and Andrew do a joint rant I mean preview of the depressing life of Subaru season 2, and then both do one solo preview with Joseph gushing over an overpowered demon lord and sweet talker Andrew being swindled out of a deal.

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Episode 581: Dying Over and Over and Over Again

Anime Pulse has finally made it out of the previews for the Fall season, meaning we’re back into reviews. We start off with Joseph burning an old computer desk during Thanksgiving, and Andrew covering the community section. IRL news hits us with China arresting BL authors, low dating numbers in Japan, and the continuation of the My Sister, My Writer saga. The review this week, because there’s just one, is a joint review of making lemonade when life hands you death.

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