Episode 682: Mary to Majo no Seishu Love Come wa

This week on Anime Pulse we got the worst anime of 2020, the satisfying end to a RomCom series, and hoop earrings. Up first Joseph gets snowed in and worn out trying to dig back to civilization, and Andrew is looking into our top picks for worst of the worst in 2020. Afterwards comes Industry News with a teacher being asked to remove her hoops, ANN’s preemptive discussion censoring of an anime, and a man made of chainsaws. Finally in the reviews Joseph enjoys the end of a fish-eyed romance, and Andrew joins a college for witches by stepping on some flowers.

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Episode 662: Summer 2020 Previews #3

This week on Anime Pulse we got terrible relationships, the hardships of publish loli content, and raising your knock off Pokemon in a digital world. Up first IRL news has Joseph ecstatic about his new Amaretto, and Andrew seeks out where we buy our otaku merchandise from. Afterwards the industry news gets in with Netflix being just as scummy as the rest of the industry, and the list of banned LNs just keeps on coming. Lastly the previews have Joseph and Andrew say nothing but good things about a wonderful relationships that has no problems whatsoever, afterwards Joseph tries to recalls what happened in an anime five years ago and Andrew raises a digital pet to battle other digital pets.

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